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F. Svec: Capillary Electrochromatography: A Rapidly Emerging Separation Method.- A. Strancar, A. Podgornik, M. Barut, R. Necina: Short Monolithic Columns as Stationary Phases for Biochromatography.- S. Xie, R.W. Allington, J.M.J. Frèchet, F. Svec: Porous Polymer Monoliths: An Alternative to Classical Beads.- O. Brüggemann: Molecularly Imprinted Materials - Receptors More Durable than Nature can Provide.- A. Podgornik, T.B. Tennikova: Chromatographic Reactors Based on Biological Activity.- S. Imamoglu: Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMB) for Application in Bioseparation.- J. Wolfgang, A. Prior: Continuous Annular Chromatography.

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