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  • Women's Blondo Villa Waterproof Bootie - Black Suede Boots (B5491-015)
  • Dr. Martens Shoreditch Women's
  • Timberland Pro Titan 6 Safety Toe Women's Boots
  • Women's SoftWalk Rock Creek Wide Calf Boot - Dark Grey Smooth Leather/Cow Suede Boots (S1665-072)
  • Women's Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Combat Boot Boots (R22563600)
  • Women's Twisted X Boots WAB0009 All Around Boot Boots (WAB0009)
  • Women's Dr. Martens Katrinia Cut Out 8-Eye Boot - Black Lausanne/Stone Boots (R21907001)
  • Dr. Martens Women's Pascal Virginia Boots
  • Women's Danner Mountain 600 4.5" Hiking Boot Boots (62259)
  • Women's Salomon Ellipse Freeze ClimaSalomon Waterproof Boot Boots (L40613200)
  • Women's Twisted X Boots WDMST01 Steel Toe Moc Work Shoe Steel Toe Shoes (WDMST01)
  • Women's Laredo Spellbound 5660 - Black Sanded Goat/Snake Print Boots (5660)
  • Women's Dr. Martens Kristy 2 Strap Slouch Rigger Boot Boots (R20345001)
  • Women's Dr. Martens Flora Chelsea Boot - Black New Vibrance Croco Leather Boots (R22968001)
  • Women's Blondo Villa Waterproof Bootie - Grey Suede Boots (B5491-635)
  • Women's Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater Wedge Tide Duck Boot Boots (STS99995)
  • Rusty Anja Desert Boot Black
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Buying guide

Boots are designed to cover the foot, ankle, leg, and sometimes even the waist. These are usually made of rubber, animal skin, canvas, latex, or leather. Boots act as a protection from hazardous elements like water, mud, and snow.


Ever since boots graced the red carpets (see Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson), fashion runways and magazines, they became in-demand in the world. Wearing boots gives your feet comfort for all the day’s work, some are stylish as well. Boots give 100% protection for your feet. Most boots have a long life and are very easy to maintain.


This guide will cover the different types of boots. It will help you determine which boots to buy and when you should wear them. We will also cover the brands that will provide you the high-quality boots in the country.


Now, here are the types of boots that you might want to wear.

Types of Women’s Boots



Wedge boots are also known as the Platform boots. These boots look like wedges with thick soles at the back and are generally made of rubber or leather. The women’s wedge boots have thick soles that make them high-heel wedge boots. These are perfect to be paired with skirts and dresses.



Moccasins have flat soles unlike the wedge boots. Despite of its delicate look, moccasins are made for running and hiking. Its soles are soft and flexible. The moccasins are also known for their embroidered, and sometimes beaded, designs. In history, moccasins are worn by the native people of North America. Moccasins are perfect if you are trying to achieve a bohemian look - with your sleeveless top and maxi pants or shorts.



The Chap boots embrace the legs up to the crotch. Chap boots are loved for the several straps they have. It is said that chap boots are highly related to shoe fetishism. These are usually made of leather and latex.

Hip Boots


If Chap boots extend up to the crotch, the Hip boots can reach up to the waist. Hip boots are also known as Waders. They are basically designed for the fishermen to allow them to wade to the deep sea to catch more fish without worrying on getting their pants wet. These boots are also perfect to be worn for floods and deep snow.



The Thigh-high boots have two kinds: the over-the-knee boots that extends just above the knee; and the crotch boots that reaches up to the thighs and some to the crotch. These boots are made out of a great number of materials. Some are made of leathers, fabrics, latex, and animal skins like the deers’ and crocodiles’. These boots are also a frequent product of fashion designers.



The Knee-high boots extend either above or below the knee. Usually, these are made of rubber, latex, and fabric. Knee-high boots are frequently being used by workers like firemen, hunters, dairy workers, stable hands, and every known worker in the country. These boots have a strong traction against slippery surfaces that’s why workers love to wear them.


Choose Your Boots


Before deciding on wearing your boots, consider the weather, the occasion, and the overall look you’re going for. If the weather is hot, go and wear lightweight boots like moccasins. If it is snowing outside, you can choose to wear the chap boots, the knee-high, or the thigh-high boots to avoid getting cold feet and cramps.


To make things easier for you, we have categorized the boots according to their usage so that you will know when to wear which boots.

Casual boots


The casual boots are very affordable since they don’t have extravagant designs like the fashion boots (which will be discussed later). The Ugg boots are the most common casual boots because of their light weight compared to similar options. These boots are usually available in neutral colors and that is why they are loved by women since they are easy to be paired with any outfit.

Most women switch from wearing Ugg boots after wearing heels the whole day. Ugg boots, just like the moccasins, are also gracing the fashion runways today because of the comfort they give.

Work boots


The work boots are designed to be worn for formal and professional surroundings like the school and offices. People love to wear work boots since they can wear them all day long without feeling uncomfortable. They can walk, run, and do whatever they want while wearing these and they will never experience a sore foot!

You can easily identify work boots by their color shades. Work boots range between the neutral shades of black, brown, and white.

Fashion boots


The fashion boots are those that are designed to stand-out among the crowd, the streets, the corridors, and the runways! You can easily recognize fashion boots because of their embellishments, their bold colors, their metallic colors, and sometimes because of their multi-color prints.

Fashion boots are usually worn in costume parties, proms, fashion events, and parties. If you want to stand-out among your peers, these boots will do the magic.

Weather boots


For you to distinguish weather boots, know that their soles are much thicker among others since they are designed to protect your feet from hazardous elements such as slippery streets, snow, and muddy landscapes.

Some weather boots are also getting the attention of the fashion icons like Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and the Olsen twins. Fashion Designers love to add some fur, sheep wool, belted straps, and other embellishments on them to make them more marketable.

Today, weather boots range from simple to stylish designs so that everyone can enjoy the cold days while wearing boots with eye-popping colors and embellishments.

Learn your Boots’ Brand


Check out these international brands that are known for their high-quality boots:


Dr. Martens
Patagonia Footwear
Georgia Boot
Hush Puppies
Merrell Boot
Tony Lama
R.M. Williams
Chukka Boots
Steger Design


May you find the perfect boots! Good luck!


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