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Along with PlayStation from Sony and Xbox from Microsoft, Nintendo Wii U forms the trio of the most popular video games consoles. Wii U, as you may know, is the successor to Wii and it was launched for the public in 2012. It's an eighth generation console and the first one from Nintendo with HD graphics support. While the console has received mixed reviews, it has gained quite some popularity in the market. And of course, there are some fantastic Wii U games for you to choose from.


Choosing your Wii U Games


Look at the bestselling Wii U games

The best way to buy the best Wii U games is to go through the most popular game titles. There are games that are available on all the popular gaming consoles and there are games that are unique to Wii U. It is important that you go through both the options so that you know which games the world is in love with. You will, of course, need to decide on the genre of games you love to play the most and this is when you will enjoy gaming on your Wii U the most. As of now, the five most popular Wii U games are Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros., Legend of Zelda, Splatoon and Devil’s Third. This is not an absolute list because there are other lists with some other titles. But all these five titles mentioned here are super hit games.


Consider playing the Wii U demo games

While Nintendo doesn’t have the largest list of demo games compared to Sony and Microsoft, there are indeed some demo games that you get with the console. Make sure you go through these demo games. There is twin benefit attached to this – the first benefit is that you get a hang of using your console (if you are a new user) and the second benefit is that you get a taste of the demo games and this should help you decide whether you want to buy the full game or not. The gaming controls on Nintendo Wii are considered to be more complex than the other consoles and some bit of practice shouldn’t harm you.


Look at the bestselling Wii U games

Nintendo is slightly reserved when it comes to offering discounts on Wii U games. However, discounts on Wii U games are possible, especially when you purchase online. Before buying any Wii U game, do some online window shopping so that you come across online stores that are willing to offer discounts on the game titles. Some of the websites have specific deal periods where they let you save considerable amount of money on Wii U games. Keep looking out for these deals and you will be more than happy with the price you pay for your favourite games. It also makes sense to look at game packs where you can save money by purchasing online.


Keep an eye on the upcoming Wii U games

While you look at the most popular games titles on Wii U, you should also keep looking out for the upcoming Wii U games. It is possible that the game you have been waiting for is waiting in the wings to get released. You may want to wait for a few days or weeks so that you can buy your favourite game when it gets released.


Don’t think about illegal downloads

There are websites that offer Wii U games for free. These are usually P2P sites where full version games are uploaded for others to download and play. You will definitely be tempted to go for this option because video games can be expensive. But this option is not recommended at all for many reasons. The first reason is that you may be violating copyrights by downloading Wii U games from a P2P site and the second reason is that your console may get virus affected if you are not sure about the source. It is best to buy and buy from a reliable seller.


Which Wii U games for which use?

If you are not worried about the genre of the Wii U games, have a look at the most popular game titles in Canada. These titles include Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Wii U Bundle, Guitar Hero Live, Nintendo Xenoblade Chronicles X - Wii U, Wii Fit U Game, Fit Meter & Balance Board, Warner Bros Lego Dimensions Starter Pack Wii U and Super Mario Maker - Nintendo Wii U.


If you are a sports games freak, then there are three game titles for you to consider – Nintendo of Canada Wii Sports Club, Ubisoft ESPN Sports Connection - Wii U Standard Edition and 2K Sports Nba 2k13 - Wii U.


Similarly, if racing games make you happy, then the following titles should be fun for you. We are talking about BDA Wii U Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel, SEGA Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed - Wii U and Bergsala Hello Kitty Kruisers - Wii U.

The most popular card game on Wii U is Skylanders Giants - Character Pack.


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