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Whether you are in the teaching profession or not, you may still want to look at whiteboards and chalkboards if you have kids at home. These boards can be used for home tuitions as well as for writing in offices. To find out which one you should buy, consider shopping online.

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  • Olympia Wood Frame Chalkboard 600 x 800mm (GG107)
  • Olympia Freestanding Chalkboard 150 x 225mm (GG110)
  • Olympia Wood Frame Chalkboard 300 x 400mm (GG106)
  • Whiteboard Magnetic Size 290X225mm
  • Panasonic Interactive Whiteboard UB-T880
  • Infinity Glass Board 450X600mm Red
  • Infinity Glass Board 450 X 600mm White
  • Quartet ARC Cubicle Cork Bulletin Board 610 x 360mm
  • Penrite Porcelain Aluminium Frame Whiteboard 900X1200mm
  • Educational Colours Chalkboard Duster Felt 110mmx50mm
  • Quartet ARC Cubicle Whiteboard 610X360mm
  • Bantex Tarifold Vertical Display Holder A4 Blue Pack 5
  • Penrite Aluminium Frontrunner Pinboard 900X1200mm Blue
  • Quartet Bulletin Board Aluminium Frame 1200 x 900mm Black Foam
  • Quartet Penrite Cork Board 600 x 900mm Aluminium Frame
  • Infinity Glass Board 450 X 600mm Frosted
  • Quill Self-Adhesive Foamboard White 500X770mm
  • Post-it Display Board Mocha 457mm x 584mm
  • Boone B89116 Corkboard Natural Wood Frame 800X600mm
  • Quartet Penrite Cork Board 900 x 1200mm Aluminium Fram
  • Nobo Portable Display Board Header Panel 250 x 600mm Black & Grey
  • Boone B89111 Corkboard Natural Wood Frame 600X400mm
  • Justick Electro Adhesion Notice Board Lite 600X900mm Black
  • Infinity Glass Board 450 X 600mm Black

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Whether you are in the teaching profession or not, you may still want to look at whiteboards and chalkboards if you have kids at home. These boards can be used for home tuitions as well as for writing in offices. To find out which one you should buy, consider shopping online.


What to look for in whiteboards and chalkboards?

Choose one on the basis of erase-ability

Depending on the frequency of use your whiteboard or blackboard, see how clean the board erases. For limited use, choose melamine surface for whiteboard. Though it is the most economic option, it needs cleaners on a regular basis. When the whiteboard is being more frequently, get one with a porcelain writing surface. They erase cleaner and need much less effort in cleaning. There are PVC coated steel, high pressure laminate and porcelain enamelled steel whiteboards.

Then there are whiteboards with magnetic surface that clean most easily. Blackboards were first made of thin and smooth sheet of black slate stone. Porcelain enamel is the most popular material for blackboards and they are quite easy to clean. Silica is also used to make the blackboard surface. Green ‘blackboards’ are preferred these days, as the colour of the board is more soothing than the black surface.

Durability of the whiteboard or chalkboard

Cheaper melamine surfaces for whiteboard develop scratch and dent quite easily with even modest use. When you use your whiteboard frequently you should invest in a porcelain surface. You may choose a whiteboard chalkboard combination when you use the board frequently.

Whiteboard or blackboard with special features

If the boards have magnetic surfaces you get better visibility because of cleaner surfaces. Some boards have grid patterns that are useful for drawing straight line or graphs.


How to choose your whiteboard and chalkboard according to your need?

Chalkboard and whiteboard for schools

Traditional blackboards were in use in schools for hundred years. As they are used excessively, it is better to invest in costlier chalkboards made of porcelain enamel. It has a lifetime of 50 years, if managed properly. There are different options for the frame for both whiteboard and blackboards, including solid wood, anodized aluminum and PVC. Unframed whiteboards provide more space to write.

Chalkboard and whiteboard for engineering studies

Chalkboards and blackboards make learning any process easy as they are very effective in demonstrating the process in real time. You can buy boards with grid for presenting engineering data easily. For use on such boards, you can use precision measurement instruments like whiteboard/chalkboard drawing instrument set that will have triangle set, transparent protractor, compass and T-square.

Chalkboard and whiteboard for business meetings

If you really want to go high-tech, consider buying an electronic whiteboard. Whatever you write on the board can be saved to your computer for later use. This board is great where you want your audience to listen and not get busy in taking notes.


What are the most popular whiteboards and chalkboards?

The Quartet Infinity glass frosted frameless white board is an extremely durable product with a glass surface. It doesn't stain or scratch and works like a traditional board. It can be easily erased with a duster.

The Duroslate 4'x5' aluminum non-magnetic chalkboard is black in colour and is a budget product. It has a carborundum slating surface on a hardboard backing so that the texture is uniform where writing and erasing is easy.

The Quartet standard black classroom chalkboard is excellent for smaller classrooms. Its anodized aluminium frame offers it a lot of durability. It is an excellent budget chalkboard.



Buying whiteboards and chalkboards is easier than buying many other items and because you can shop fast, you should look to shop online. You can take your pick from the options available and also save plenty. Once your board is delivered to you, you can use it for all the purposes you desired.

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