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  • Pipedream Necklace with 2.9" Removable Vibrator (170357)
    $7.99 $12.99 -38%
  • Pipedream 7.25" Rabbit Vibrator With Spinning Pearls & Wired Remote (134131)
    $29.99 $35.99 -17%
  • California Exotic 2.25" Bullet Vibrator With Wired Remote (146987)
    $24.99 $29.99 -17%
  • Svakom Siime
  • TENGA Iroha
  • Pipedream Realistic 10" Vibrator (155531)
  • Jopen Amour Remote-Controlled Rechargeable Silicone 3" Bullet (224563)
  • We-Vibe Tango Pleasure Mate Bullet Vibrator Collection (3 Pce) (231668)
    $119.99 $134.99 -11%
  • We-Vibe Touch X Lay-On Vibrator & Massager (232947)
  • Little Genie 100 Orgasms
  • We-Vibe Nova 8.5" Silicone Rabbit Vibrator With App (231663)
    $121.99 $169.99 -28%
  • Jopen Amour Rechargeable Silicone 7" G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator (224566)
  • We-Vibe 4 Plus with App (193628)
    $139.99 $169.99 -18%
  • Fun Factory Stronic Eins
  • Doc Johnson iRide 13" Rocking Clitoral Vibrator (160291)
  • California Exotic Illuminating Waterproof 6.5" Vibrator (155079)
  • California Exotic Risque 5.75" Tulip Vibrator (162032)
    $19.99 $26.99 -26%
  • California Exotic First Time 6" Velvety Soft Vibrator (162693)
  • Pipedream Disposable Finger Vibe (165076)
  • California Exotic Silicone Mini 2.75" Keychain Vibrator (175813)
    $15.99 $19.99 -20%
  • Jopen 5.25" G-Spot Vibrator (174401)
    $57.99 $75.99 -24%
  • Lelo Elise 2 Deluxe 8.5" Vibrator (171975)
  • nsnovelties 7.5" Bulbous Classic Silicone Vibrator (173942)
    $99.99 $116.99 -15%
  • Rocks Off Gold 7 Speed 3" Bullet (180978)

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Vibrators Guide

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Back in the Victorian Era, female masturbation was called “vulvular stimulation” or “pelvic massage” and was not considered a sexual act, but a medical procedure to counter female “hysteria”. Vibrators then were bulky, steam-powered contraptions that looked more like they were made for torture instead of pleasure.


Thankfully, modern vibrators have changed with designs ranging from discreet to visually provocative. Being seen possessing these sex toys have also somehow gained a wider acceptance, thanks in part to the rise of liberal shows such as “Sex and the City”. Sex-perts say they still have real health benefits; they can help you relax, improve your mood, relieve pain and even prevent prostate cancer in men.


Yet the notion remains a bit taboo and asking around your neighborhood adult shop about the best vibrator can still be awkward. And, it pays to already have an idea of what you’re looking for before actually hitting the shops.

Battery-operated or Plug-in


The first question you should be asking yourself is if you want a vibrator that runs on battery or plugged in a wall socket.


The good thing about battery-operated vibrators is that you can use them wherever you dare to do your thing. And since they’re wireless, your positions and movements won’t limited. It’s also the safer choice for people who want to put them all the way in since they pose little to no danger of electrocution.


Yet plugged-in vibrators also have their advantages. Because you plug them directly to the source of power, they can offer more intense vibrations at alonger period of time than their battery-operated counterparts. They’re specially useful if you pleasure yourself in the privacy of your own room or home.


Thankfully, there’re those rechargeable types that has both of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.

Types of Vibrators

3635-Vibrators > lipstickVibratorAccording to shape


Straightforward and utterly conspicuous, dildo or phallic-shaped vibrators will leave little to your imagination. Some variations have more pronounced curves perfect for those who prefer extra stimulation with every thrust to complement the vibration. For obvious reasons, they’re not suitable for to carry around during flights unless you don’t mind knowing looks from baggage scanner operators.


“Under cover” vibrators are those that masquerade as ordinary materials like lipsticks and pens. They may lack the features to maximize stimulation but they certainly make up for it with their subtlety. They’re recommended for people, specially women who like to keep their dirty little secrets.


Unlike the under cover type, the bullet and egg-shaped varieties doesn’t pose as anything else other than, well, bullets and eggs. Still, they’re discreet enough to merit a second look before another person raises his brows and grins slyly upon recognizing these pleasure toys. They’re light and quite small, making them very portable and easy to hide—not that you’re required to hide them, of course.

According to area of stimulation

G-spot vibrators target the men’s prostate and the elusive, yet supposedly hypersensitive women’s erogenous zone. They’re curved midway or near the tip to reach these areas easier than with a straight vibrator. Some will say that they’re specially benificial to men since regular stimulation of the prostate gland is said to lower the risk of prostate cancer. Some are dildo-shaped while others are less conspicuous rods known as magic wands.


Most other vibrators, specially the smaller ones fall under the clitoral type. But be careful in choosing this type of vibrator. The clit is quite sensitive as it is, and if you have a specially sensitive one, then you may well settle for mild vibrator with a smoother and softer gel like coating rather than a rough and intense one.


The third type is called multi-zone, which, as its name suggests, can stimulate two or more erogenous zones simultaneously. The most popular type is the “rabbit”, so called because of its shorter second prong for the clitoris.

What vibrator to choose

Choosing the right vibrator merely boils down to how daring you are. Think about where and when you intend to use these devices. Discreet models such as the egg and bullet vibrators are often battery-operated and are best if you’re the type who gets turned on doing it spontaneously. Dildo-shaped aren’t that travel-friendly, but are fun to use because they can be used in a thrusting motion.


Now most vibrators offer several levels of intensity, yet it still matters to know how much vibration you can take. The rule of thumb would be to test if you can stand the minimum strength of the vibrator. Some would say that using it on the tip of your nose is almost similar to the sensation if you use it on your secret sweetness.

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