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  • HP 643A Q5951A - HP4700 Genuine Cyan Toner Cartridge
  • HP 312A CF382A LaserJet Pro M476DN M476DW M476NW Premium Quality Made In USA Yellow Toner
  • HP 307A - CE741A CP5200 CP5225dn CP5225n Genuine Cyan Toner Cartridge
  • Samsung CLX-8385K Yellow Imaging Unit - Estimated Page Yield: 30,000 pages - CLX-R8385Y (CLX-R8385Y)
  • Canon LBP-6750DN / LBP- 6780x - CART324 Toner Cartridge - #160;Estimated Page Yield: 6,000 pages (CART324)
  • Oki C712N Cyan Drum Unit - Estimated Page Yiled 30000 pages (46507411)
  • Kyocera TK-1184 Toner Kit - Estimated Page Yield of 3000 pages (TK1184)
  • Compatible alternative for No. 410X Cyan Toner Cartridge - CF411X (CF411X-C)
  • Canon CART039 Black Toner Cartridge - Estimated Page Yield 6000 pages (CART039)
  • Compatible alternative for No. 79A Black Cartridge - CF279A (CF279A-C)
  • Compatible alternative for No. 508X Magenta Toner Cartridge - CF363X (CF363X-C)
  • Samsung SL-C4060/SL-C4010 Toners Eight Pack - Two of Each Black Cyan Magenta Yellow - CLTK603L/CLTC603L/CLTM603L/CLTY603L (CL603Leight)
  • Compatible alternative for No. 87X Black Cartridge - CF287X (CF287X-C)
  • Compatible alternative for No. 410X Black Toner Cartridge - CF410X (CF410X-C)
  • Samsung SL-C4060/SL-C4010 Toners Bundle Pack - One of Each Black Cyan Magenta Yellow - CLTK603L/CLTC603L/CLTM603L/CLTY603L (CL603Lbundle)
  • HP 19A LaserJet Imaging Drum Unit - Estimated Page Yield 12000 pages - F219A (CF219A)
  • Canon CART046 High Yield Black Toner Cartridge - Estimated Page Yield 6300 pages (CART046BKH)
  • Canon CART046 High Yield Yellow Toner Cartridge - Estimated Page Yield 5000 pages (CART046YH)
  • HP No. 657X Black Toner Cartridge - Estimated Page Yield 28000 pages - CF470X (CF470X)
  • Samsung SL-C4060/SL-C4010 CLTC603L Black Toner - Estimated page Yield 10000 pages (CLTC603L)
  • HP No. 37Y Black Toner Cartridge Triple Pack - Estimated Page Yield 41000 pages - CF237Y (CF237Ytriple)
  • HP No. 37A Black Toner Cartridge Triple Pack - Estimated Page Yield 11000 pages - CF237A (CF237Atriple)
  • Canon CART046 High Yield Bundle Pack - One of Each Black Cyan Magenta and Yellow (CART046HYbundle)
  • HP No. 37X Black Toner Cartridge - Estimated Page Yield 25000 pages - CF237X (CF237X)

Buying guide

Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges or the laser toners basically refer to the various categories of cartridges used for electronic devices particularly the printer. They mostly differ in terms of the preferences of the printer which they are being manufactured for as well as the price ranges and quality. Generally, the toner cartridges have a higher value than printers and are given a much higher priority. Ink cartridges are just like toner cartridges.

Types of Cartridges

Printer toner derives from many sizes and shapes each having certain advantages and disadvantages of their own. But most of them are totally dependent upon the customers. Upon studying the variations, it is a sure thing that you will definitely get a clue on what to buy and what fits your need most.

Remanufactured Cartridges

Remanufactured Cartridges are the ones which can be used, emptied, and returned to the manufacturers for refill. The manufacturers and suppliers often accept returned cartridges and are returned to the suppliers for reuse. The remanufactured cartridges are often cheaper in price than the OEM as they are also friendlier to the environment. Nonetheless, when using this type of cartridge, the warranty is somewhat overlooked.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Cartridges

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or the Genuine Color Cartridges are comparatively pricier than other cartridge classes. They are called the OEM because they are directly manufactured and marketed by the different printer manufacturers all over the world. It is also referred to as the ink cartridge that comes with an inkjet printer. Most people who have knowledge about cartridges, find it an utter idiocy to buy inkjet printers from third party toners.

Compatible Cartridges

Compatible Cartridges, on the other hand, are the ones that come with a much cheaper price and are much easier to find. Although a lot of people will say that the generic cartridges are not reliable at all, it is even so, a version which is more cost effective and can be afforded by more people. These are mostly prepared by third party organizations and offer a very decent performance nonetheless. Although the compatible printers are gaining much more popularity in this day and age, the OEM is still the dominating kind when it comes to hotshot markets.

Xerox Cartridges

This one is specifically made to be used for Xerox Machines and nothing but. They are somewhat different from those used for the printers. Xerox copiers are definitely one of the most in-demand as it the easiest and the most ergonomic of all. Xerox Cartridges are used to maintain the clarity of the Xerox copies. Xerox Cartridges are patronized by the most number of people as it is not only found on offices or schools, but even typical business-minded people use Xerox copying to earn a living.

Fax Phone Cartridges

It is important to have the fax phone cartridge for the fax machines as well due to the fact that it needs printing most of the time. However, finding fax cartridges are quite uneasy and can rather only be found on distinctive fax machine or fax phone manufacturers.

Cartridge Brands

There are countless numbers of toner cartridges sold in the market. Here are some brands and their specifications, and the catch they each have.

HP 35A Black LaserJet Toner Cartridge

This one offers the quality which has the maximized printer performance. It aims to make every printing session precise and consistent. It allows for the printed images a look as sharp and crisp as it can possibly be. But what is great about this cartridge is that it has the alert in which whenever the supplies are low or insufficient, there is a signal that appears.

Xerox 3100MFP Toner Cartridge

The Xerox Phaser 3100MFP is known as the multifunction laser printed which is mostly used for offices that require something that is space-saving and yet can be really functional. It is compact and has a wide array of features to go with it. Small Offices will appreciate the compact design it has and will probably be impressed about its fast printing speed.

Compatible Toner Cartridge L104-COM of Canon

This kind of toner cartridge has the ability to automatically pop into place. It is cheaper in price as it is the rip-off version of the OEM Canon. Nevertheless, it is said to offer a close (if not same) quality of the OEM. The bad thing about it is that it tends to leave slight dusting right on the printed ones.

Brother TN580 High Yield Toner Cartridge

The Brother TN580 is said to produce black texts which are clear, rich and precise. It has the ability to quickly and easily pop into place whenever turned on. It has a longevity rate that can last for even five years if given proper care. However, some people say that even if it has the dub as being a credible Brother OEM Toner, it somewhat lacks on the part of being a high capacity toner.


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