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Phones from previous generations were limited to texting and messaging. With technological advancements taking place in the field of mobile technology, smartphones have become the base for innovation for innumerable manufacturers. For the users, a smartphone is a multi-functional device that makes intelligent use of data and information. Read buying guide

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    Ulefone Armor X Rugged Phone 4G Mobile Phone
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    Global Version Xiaomi Redmi 7A Mobile Phone
  • Tomtop
    Xiaomi Mi 8 Mobile Phone 8GB 128GB
  • Tomtop
    Global Version 2019 HUAWEI Y9 Mobile Phone
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Mobile Phone 6.3inich Display 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 48MP Camera Snapdragon 660 4000mAh Battery 4G Unlocked Smartphone
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    Apple iPhone XR 128GB Mobile Phone
  • Tomtop
    Ulefone Armor 3 Rugged IP68 Waterproof 4G Smartphone
  • Tomtop
    New Global Version Xiaomi Mi 9T (Redmi K20) Mobile Phone
  • Tomtop
    Global Version Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Mobile Phone
  • Tomtop
    Homtom S17 3G Smartphone 2GB RAM 16GB ROM
  • Tomtop
    Xiaomi Redmi 7 Mobile Phone 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Snapdragon 632 Octa Core 12MP 6.26inch HD+ 4000mAh Battery Dual SIM Triple Card Slot Face ID Unlocked Smartphone
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    Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Mobile Phone
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    HUAWEI Mate 9 Smartphone 4G Phone 5.9inch TFT FHD 6GB RAM 128GB ROM 20MP+12MPSupport OTA Update
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    Elephone P7 Mini Quad Core Cell Phone Andriod 4.2 MTK6582 1.3 GHZ 1GB RAM 4GB ROM 5" IPS Screen Smartphone 8MP Camera Black
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    Original HUAWEI P30 Mobile Phone
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    Elephone A5 4G Smartphonee Face ID 4GB RAM 64GB ROM
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    Ulefone S10 Pro Mobile Phone
  • Tomtop
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Mobile Phone 6.3inich Display 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 48MP Camera Snapdragon 660 4000mAh Battery 4G Unlocked Smartphone
  • Tomtop
    Nokia X6 4G Cellphone 4GB RAM 64GB ROM
  • Tomtop
    New Global Version Xiaomi Mi 9T (Redmi K20) Mobile Phone
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    (Non EU Version) UMIDIGI F1 Play Mobile Phone

Buying guide


Choosing your smartphone


Choosing the OS is important

It’s a no-brainer about what you should first consider when planning to purchase your smartphone – it is the OS. You have the choices of iOS from Apple, Android from Google and Windows from Microsoft. Apple revolutionized the smartphone world when it launched its first iPhone and like any other Apple product, an iPhone is also a status symbol. However, if you want a more popular smartphone, opt for one of the Android smartphones. The Windows OS is less popular than the other two, but if you are hooked to your Windows 8.1 OS on your computer, it could be a great choice buying a Windows phone too. And make sure you find out about the latest OS versions and look at smartphones that are already on that version or can be upgraded to that version.


What do you want to use your phone for?

The RAM is one of the most important considerations when buying smartphones. No one buys a smartphone for just making calls. There are so many games and apps available that you are bound to download many of them. If you are interested in the most basic apps and games, any smartphone with 520MB is enough for you. However, for a better gaming experience, where your games will not stop in between or crash, opt for a smartphone with at least 1GB RAM.


Screen size and resolution for the best display

Nowadays, many would want the largest possible screen size for their smartphone. 5” is a pretty good screen size and the most you should go to is 5.5”. After that, your smartphone becomes a phablet. But don’t just consider the screen size because the screen resolution has to be accordingly good. Look for smartphones with screen resolution of 1080p (1920x1080) and you will get the sharpest images possible. However, 720p (1280x720) screens also render sharp enough images.


How much data storage do you need?

You need proper storage in your smartphone depending on the number of games and apps you want to download. If you think you will download a lot, look for phones that allow external storage. iPhones don’t have this option. Some smartphones can support up to 64GB of additional storage. However, 16GB should be sufficient for a moderate usage of the internal memory (without sticking too many films or musics).


Sharp pictures with the best cameras

You should look at phones with the best cameras and it is important to keep in mind that the number of MPs is not always the right indicator. Camera lenses are also very important and Sony's Cyber-shot lenses are great values when it comes to integrated or additional lenses. If you want to engage in video chat, buy a phone with front and rear cameras.


Battery life is to be considered

This again depends on your usage. If you talk a lot on your phone, you should buy one with longer talk time. 10 hours il an excellent ratio for a battery life on the LAPTOP battery test.


Which smartphones for which use?


If your budget is of no consequence, you may want to buy one of the flagship phones offered by the top manufacturers. Apple iPhone 6 has been launched and so have been Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Sony Xperia Z3. All these phones are equipped with the best features and these phones can give you the best possible smartphone experience.


On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, there are some excellent smartphones available for you. These smartphones may be manufactured in China, but they are not like the sub-standard Chinese products that the world tends to snigger at. ZTE (ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini or Max Dual SIM or ZTE V955) and Huawei (Huawei Ascend series smartphones) manufacture some fantastic smartphones and you will be delighted with their features and your experience.


Microsoft has recently taken off the Nokia brand and it has already launched the latest Microsoft smartphones in the market. The latest smartphones from Microsoft are packed with features as the Redmond-based IT giant prepares to take on iOS and Android phones. Apart from the Microsoft smartphones, you can also consider some fantastic Windows phones manufactured by Samsung (Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini) and HTC (HTC HD7).


Bigger your smartphone screen size, better is your experience with the display. There are people who have started using phablets, but you could find these gadgets too big. You could look at smartphones that have screen sizes of more than 5” and the experience will be fantastic. The Apple iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the HTC Wildfire S all have large screens.


If you are a BlackBerry fan, you still have some choices available. BlackBerry may not be doing as well as it was before in the smartphone market, but it still has fans all over the world and supports them totally. The best BlackBerry phones you can buy now are Q10, Passport and Z30.

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