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Travelling is always an exciting and memorable experience that every person wants to enjoy. But when people lack a quality luggage to store their articles, they find difficulties in handling their belongings. Getting a suitable luggage makes traveling hassle-free and easier for the travelers. So, it is necessary for to be sure about what type of luggage you are looking for and follow these tips to get the best piece at the best price. Read buying guide

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  • Samsonite Octolite SS Small/Cabin 55cm Softside Suitcase Navy Blue 03157
    $199.00 $399.00 -50%
  • Samsonite Octolite Hardside Suitcase Set of 3 Deep Red 74643, 74645, 78793 with FREE Samsonite Luggage Scale 34042
    $557.00 $1,127.00 -51%
  • Samsonite Octolite Extra Large 81cm Hardside Suitcase Deep Red 78793
    $209.00 $429.00 -51%
  • Samsonite Octolite Extra Large 81cm Hardside Suitcase Black 78793
    $209.00 $429.00 -51%
  • Antler Global Medium 67cm Hardside Suitcase Navy 42016
    $129.00 $379.00 -66%
  • Samsonite Octolite Small/Cabin 55cm Hardside Suitcase Black 74643
    $149.00 $299.00 -50%
  • Skyway Skyway Epic 28" Expandable Spinner Suitcase Berry Tile (6722188)
  • Samsonite Red Kharris Large 76cm Hardside Suitcase White 91479
    $199.00 $399.00 -50%
  • Samsonite Theoni Medium 66cm Hardside Suitcase Turquoise 10435
    $169.00 $429.00 -61%
  • Antler Viva Large 80cm Hardside Suitcase Teal 45015
    $139.00 $399.00 -65%
  • Samsonite Octolite Hardside Suitcase Set of 3 Deep Red 74643, 74645, 78793 with FREE Samsonite Luggage Scale 34042
    $557.00 $1,127.00 -51%
  • Samsonite Octolite Hardside Suitcase Set of 3 Black 74643, 74644, 78793 with FREE Samsonite Luggage Scale 34042
    $547.00 $1,107.00 -51%
  • Antler Zeolite Large 80cm Softside Suitcase Black 42615
    $149.00 $299.00 -50%
  • American Tourister Velton Medium 69cm Hardside Suitcase Navy 24731
    $195.00 $329.00 -41%
  • Samsonite Octolite Medium 68cm Hardside Suitcase Black 74644
    $189.00 $379.00 -50%
  • Travelpro Closeout! Travelpro Crew 11 21" Carry-On Expandable Spinner Suitcase with Usb charging port Patriot Blue (2831614)
  • American Tourister Dartz Small/Cabin 55cm Hardside Suitcase Aluminium 87023
    $119.00 $249.00 -52%
  • Samsonite 72 Hours Deluxe Small/Cabin 50cm Softside Suitcase Purple 92330
    $149.00 $299.00 -50%
  • Samsonite Arq Medium 69cm Hardside Suitcase Matte Graphite 91060
    $189.00 $479.00 -61%
  • GO Travel Travel Bag (Xtra) Black GO855
    $34.25 $48.95 -30%
  • Lojel Voja Medium 66cm Hardside Suitcase Black JVO66
    $269.00 $449.00 -40%
  • Lojel Voja Medium 66cm Hardside Suitcase Blue JVO66
    $269.00 $449.00 -40%
  • American Tourister Velton Hardside Suitcase Set of 3 Navy 24732, 24731, 24734 with FREE Samsonite Luggage Scale 34042
    $569.00 $957.00 -41%
  • Antler Juno 2 Small/Cabin 56cm Hardside Suitcase Aubergine 42219
    $155.00 $259.00 -40%

Buying guide

Heys Ecotex 5 pc Packing cube set Eco greenA Luggage for each Type of Traveler


Since every person is travelling for a certain purpose, he/she is required to make the choice accordingly.


Business Traveler

Business travelling is just about organization and efficiency. People always wish to get through the airport quickly and keep things organized within their bags so that they can easily find them. So, having a good laptop case and carry-on bag will be the best choice as stated by most of the business associates.


Family Traveler

While traveling with the family, it is important to make sure that you pack everything for everyone. Matching luggage sets to allow the family easily spot their bags among many. They are often less expensive than if you were to buy each luggage separately!


Heys Ecotex 5 pc Packing Cube Set openInternational Traveler

Yes, it is difficult for international travelers to pick up luggage. They always have to create balance between the ability to hold things and ease of carrying. Travel backpacks have proved to be the most suitable type that enable travelers to keep a lot of belongings and clothes.


Weekend Travelers

For short trips, a mobile, small piece of luggage will work the best. It will be packed in a few minutes and does not require travelers to take a lot of time in packing.


Types of Luggage


After evaluating purpose of travelers, we are going to discuss suitable luggage types:


Luggage sets

Number of bags/pieces will be different but usually include a few suit cases having different sizes. You’ll often find a garment bag, toiletry bag and a handbag provided. Luggage sets are suitable for almost all types of travelling and helps travelers staying organized and well equipped.


Carry-on luggage

Even though airlines provide guidelines to bring certain sizes of carry-on luggage, most of them allow travelers to bring bags of dimensions 22” by 14” by 9”. Apart from this, a brief case, laptop case or a handbag is allowed for keeping personal items.


Large Banff Bag Tribe Duffel bag leatherDuffel bags

They are normally roomy, large and soft-sided bags, suitable for winter trips when travelers have to bring bulky, warm clothes, boots and coats. Nowadays, duffel bags are provided with wheels for ease in handling and maneuvering.


Garment bags

Enable travelers to properly pack clothes with hangers i.e. they can be folded in half to avoid wrinkles. Some garment bags also have wheels for easy transportation.



These bags maximize mobility and allow travelers to go for a short trip before checking out. They also facilitate travelers to enjoy every single moment while walking through the museums or changing buses as compared to haul of suitcase.


Laptop cases and briefcases

Carrying a laptop or important documents need a lot of care and protection. Briefcases are provided with compartments to keep things organized while laptop cases are designed in such a way that they protect laptops from all types of damages.


A Leather luggage?


Leather is a quite versatile and durable material, and gives luggage a timeless, attractive and appealing look. The bags are available in different leather types, some of them are:


- Full grain: It is the outer part of the hide which is not buffed or sanded, thus allowing the bag to retain its durability and strength.

- Top grain: The type that is sanded and is less durable than full grain. However, it is cost effective and more stain- resistant.

- Napa-grain (Also called Nappa Leather): It is a type of leather that has been tanned to increase its softness but still, it is durable. It has the capability to dye well in the way users want.


Samsonite Winfield 2 luggageA Polycarbonate Luggage: Samsonite’s specialty


You can also find polycarbonate luggage that offer a rigid and solid feel to protect your personal effects.

Samsonite uses an innovative polycarbonate material that is also shocks resistant and amazingly light!


Since there is a huge luggage manufacturing industry, people will have to shorten their area of search according to the aforementioned factors and features. Shopping online is the best solution to find the best prices for luggage!

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