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UNIWIPER Wiper Blades is an Australian Company (ACN: 644 326 269) specializing in everything wiper blade related for the automotive market, offering the largest range of wiper blades in the southern hemisphere, direct to consumer. We offer perfect-fit solutions for all makes and models to match or exceed OEM specifications. We originally started in 2010 (10 plus years ago) supplying the trade with wiper blades only to mechanical shops across Australia and we still do.

We established an online presence to make it easier for consumers to acquire wiper blades for their vehicles. The existing process for purchasing wiper blades was difficult because if you ever needed wiper blades, auto part stores had low stock and the majority of the time it was a special order, adding more frustration to the entire process. We are determined to put the control back in the customer’s hands by giving them the option to have wiper blades that are refillable as some customers want this option and some don’t.

We changed a frustrating process into a simple, easy and rewarding one for the customer by making it simple to buy wiper blades for your car. All you need to do is select your make, model, and year to find your car, make a purchase and goods arrive at your door ready for installation directly from the box.