Storage & Backup

In our Storage and Backup section you will find different forms of data storage. If you are looking to upgrade your tablet or mobile phone storage capacity you’ll find different sizes and models of memory cards - MicroSD Cards are often used in smartphones and normal SD Cards are used in Digital Cameras, their sizes range from 2GB to 128GB. If you already have a MicroSD Card, but need a SD Card, you can get a SD Card Reader, that’s a good option too if your computer can’ ... View more t read it. A more practical choice would be a USB Flash Drive, most computers have a USB port making it easier to transfer your data. They come in all different colors and sizes, some can even be used as keychains! They share the same capacity as the SD Cards, so if you’re looking for 320GB or more, you’ll find that HDDs are better. External Hard Disk Drives work like bigger USB Flash Drives, not only in size, but capacity as well. You’ll find HDDs that go up to 2TB, meaning that you’ll be able to make a backup of your computer or laptop at least twice. Internal HDDs can be considered a default part of your computer hardware, they offer the same capacity as an external one, but are close to 20% faster. Top companies such as Seagate, Samsung and Western Digital will offer both models. If you want to use your Internal HDD externally you’ll find plenty of HDD Cases that will allow you to connect them via USB to a computer. Another good way to make a backup of your computer files is by burning CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray, we have many options of burners and drivers, but pay attention because a driver may not burn the same format, and also bear in mind what kind of file you want to backup. Music and Photos aren’t big so a CD is more than enough or even a DVD if you have many files. A Blu-Ray burner is indicated if you have high quality videos, other than that a simple driver would be enough. Just make sure that your electronic device is able to play CD-R or DVD-R. If you want the best computer it would be a wise idea to upgrade it with SSD memory, there are many benefits: it’s smaller, has a longer lifespan, is easier to install, makes no noise and doesn’t heat so easily. These components are one of the reasons why Ultrabooks have such incredible performance compared to normal computers and laptops. Don’t forget to take a look at our buying guides and the Ink, Toner, Backup and Printing Section too. ... View less