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types of feet pronation normal supinationPick the right shoes as per your gait


There are three types of pronation seen in men’s feet (right image)


Most men are normal types or pronator types (around 45% each).


Every man has different pronation during his gait cycle. This means that the natural inward rotation of every man’s feet is different. If pronation is not considered before buying men’s sports shoes, blisters can occur and in the worst case scenarios, knee injuries and shin splints.


Normal pronation

Here the initial ground contact is made by the outside part of the heel and then the foot rolls slightly inward to support the weight and distribute it.



Here the initial ground contact is made by the outside part of the heel and then the foot rolls in an exaggerated inward movement. Here the ankles and the feet cannot properly manage the weight and a lot of pressure is exerted on the big and the second toes. Knee pain and other foot injuries are common. Men’s sports shoes with stability and motion control are required in such cases.

Models like Asics Gel Kayano provide good support to the interior of the feet for pronators.



Here the initial ground contact is made by the outside part of the heel and then the foot rolls outward. The weight is centred on the outer part of the foot and the smaller toes are pressurized. Men’s sports shoes with neutral cushion and shock absorption are required in such cases.

Models like Asics Gel Nimbus suit well this type of feet.



Helly Hansen Men's AquapaceWhich men’s sports shoes for which use?


Today, among the most popular men’s sports shoes are those made with EVA. These shoes are extremely lightweight while keeping the feet protected. With the right kind of sole, these shoes keep sportsmen comfortable and their feet safe.

In EVA shoes, the most popular are:

- Keen Men's Targhee II

- Cushe Men's Shumakers Mark

- Helly Hansen Men's Aquapace (right pic)

- Rockport Safety Men's World Tour

- Sanuk Men's Skipjack.


Ever popular among men’s sports shoes are the ones made of canvas. These shoes are also lightweight and they are designed to protect the feet even when there is intense action going on.

The most popular branded canvas shoes

- Keds Men's Champion

- Lacoste Graduate Low Top Men's Sneakers Shoes (left pic)

- Burnetie Men's Classic Slip-ons

- Cushe Men's Staycation

- Helly Hansen Men's Framnes


Lacoste Graduate Low Top Men's Sneakers ShoesCotton and denim also make excellent materials for men’s sports shoes. There are some top models you can choose from in these two materials.

The best cotton sports shoes include Keds Men's Champion and Palladium Men's Pampa Oxford Canvas.

In denim the best choices include Lugz Men's Strider Denim, Propet Men's Endurance Denim Mesh and Toms CORDONES-DS.


Get the other factors right

Of course, some of the other elements are also required in men's running shoes. The shoes should have proper cushioning and the soles should be designed to withstand a lot of pressure. The fit of the shoes has to be perfect. Otherwise they will cause distractions and not let the sportsman solely concentrate on their activities.


Men’s sports shoes can be insanely attractive

Some men think that looks have nothing to do with men’s sports shoes, but honestly, they have. Buy an attractive pair of shoes and you will feel extra special when using them. Needless to say, you will attract plenty of attention when you are in action on the ground.

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