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  • Pipedream Inflatable Novelty Sex Doll (86241)
    $27.99 $34.99 -20%
  • Pipedream Travel Size Tranny Sex Doll (176469)
    $11.99 $14.99 -20%
  • Pipedream Bonnie Rotten Badass Sex Doll (195707)
    $199.99 $256.99 -22%
  • NMC Extravaganza Antonya Sex Doll (195457)
  • Pipedream Inflatable Novelty Sex Doll (86241)
    $27.99 $34.99 -20%
  • Pipedream Vibrating Female Bent Over Butt Sex Doll (146569)
  • Pipedream Realistic Male Butt Sex Doll (160496)
  • NMC Extravaganza Suzie Carina Sex Doll (195459)
  • NextGen Dolls Kyle Premium Lifesize Sex Doll (232223)
  • SexFlesh Chad Realistic Partial Sex Doll With 8" Dildo (232221)
  • CyberSkin Virtual Sex Ultra Life Size Sex Doll (Flesh)
  • Asian Fever Love Doll
  • Pipedream Travel Size Tranny Sex Doll (176469)
    $11.99 $14.99 -20%
  • S-Line Lust Bike Chick Love Doll (211826)
  • California Exotic Vivid Raw Juicy Juggs Sex Doll (192724)
  • Cyberskin Virtual Reality Twerking Sex Doll (230181)
  • SexFlesh Diana Ultra Lifelike Partial Sex Doll (232219)
  • Stormy Stella Sheep
  • Pull The Wool
  • Pipedream Doggy Style Female Sex Doll (165842)
  • Pipedream Realistic Doggie-Style Sex Doll (176572)
  • Pipedream Bonnie Rotten Badass Sex Doll (195707)
    $199.99 $256.99 -22%
  • Jesse Jane Jesse Jane Poseable Replica Sex Doll (229996)
  • Pipedream Bianca Realistic Bendable Sex Doll (226263)

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Sex Dolls Guide

Contrary to popular belief, sex dolls are not only for people who don’t, and probably won’t ever, find someone to warm their beds at night. When simple adult toys like vibrators and masturbators aren’t enough, open-minded couples who are too far away from each other for too long may also find some comfort in the arms of an artificial partner, all the while, keeping their relationship untainted.


The earliest records of the sex dolls were from 8 A.D. in Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”. In this literature, the character Pygmallion was obssessed with Galatea, a woman carved from ivory. In the 1500’s, sex dolls were also popular among sailors who needed a certain companionship they would rather not share with their fellow male shipmates during their long voyages at sea. These surrogates were made from sewn cloth, so just imagine how uncomfortable that might have been for them.


But that only shows that sexual impulse is a natural thing and one that is hard to resist. Some studies even claim that sexually-deprived individuals suffer from excessive anxiety and unstable behavior. So instead of fighting these urges, a person must satisfy them. With modern technology, sex dolls can now provide sensations that approximate --- and some say even beat --- the real thing.

Types of Sex Dolls


Whether it’s for silly adult pranks or fulfillment of erotic fantasies, inflatable sex dolls are the more practical choice than life-like ones. They’re made of a very elastic yet durable variant of rubber and since it’s practically a human-shaped balloon, they’re quite lightweight.


Some female inflatable sex dolls have cavities for penetration in the mouth, vagina and anus but don’t ever expect them to give the same pleasure that life-like dolls provide. Inflatables bank on their portability, easy storage and economic value.

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As its name implies, life-like sex dolls are the next best thing to a real life sex partner. They are usually heavier and have more intricate details than their inflatable counterparts. Some vendors sell the doll’s limbs separately as add-ons while others offer an entire body. The more “complete” love dolls are the more expensive ones, and usually require more accessories to provide the most realistic sensations during intercourse.


But what really sets it apart from the cheaper inflatables, is the material from which it is made. High-end sex dolls have a “cyberskin” coating, a soft elastomer designed to emulate the feel of the human skin. It’s also goes by the name futurotic, cyber jel-lee, eroskin and other catchy labels and is also the present in most high-end dildos and male masturbators. Being a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and silicone, it’s strong enough to withstand a certain amount of chafing and stretching, but is specially vulnerable to petroleum- and oil-based lubricants. Meanwhile, the more solid parts of the body can either be made of rubber or silicone. The latter, being more flesh-like, is the chief material for the more realistic --- albeit more expensive --- dolls.


The whole point of owning life-like dolls is to leave as little to the imagination as possible. With the help of modern technology, high-end love dolls can do just that. While some have preset faces and features, some are made in the likeness of celebrities and adult video personalities through state-of-the-art prosthetics. Some dolls also have built-in vibrators in their private parts to enhance stimulation, while others have sensual recorded voices that may range from moans to a few expletives that will surely get you going.

How to choose your love doll

It all starts with the budget. With love dolls, you’d usually get what you paid for, so try to determine how much you’re willing to spend for an artificial partner first, then everything will follow.


Depending on the budget you have allotted, you may have the option to choose the sex doll’s appearance. It’s the main luxury of having an artificial partner, so choose wisely. Or better yet, buy a spare set of hair, eyes, brows and lashes, or two, if you have the extra cash. Some manufacturers offer a fully customized sex doll, meaning, they can make the doll look like someone you fancy, of course for an extra charge.


Or you can just settle for just a part of the body, like the pelvic types. This way, you can save money and a lot of storage space. Plus they’re easier to clean.


Now, you’ll do something rough with your newly-purchased love doll, no doubt. But no matter how careful you try do it, the poor thing will suffer some damages specially on the most used parts. This is why it pays to look for packages that include repair kits. If they’re not, make sure to buy one, just in case.


Also, make sure what type of lubricant can be used for your sex doll. As mentioned above, cyberskin is vulnerable to oil and petroleum-based lubricant so you have to resort to water-based ones.

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