A router is basically the hub of network that connects computers, gaming consoles, SmartTVs, tablets and smartphones to one another, making sure the accessibility to the rest of the world without a hitch. Due to the increase in popularity and change in demand, lots of manufacturers have started producing routers with different specifications or features, thus allowing users to get the desired range and speed of the internet connection. So, this guide is intended to providing some quick suggestions with enough insight and knowledge to make a sound decision when you search for the best wireless router: Read buying guide

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D-Link AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Range Extender DAP-1650The Most Important Features of a wireless router


Even though you can use wired routers to access the internet by physically connecting the device with Ethernet cable, wireless (Wi-Fi) models have proved to be the most flexible tools to connect with other internet users wirelessly.

Here are the two most important characteristics of a high quality and performance efficient router:


a. Wireless Range: AC routers and N routers


The range of a wireless router depends upon different factors- how many antennas and radios are there, which frequencies are used to broadcast on, etc. Wireless AC routers are capable of providing best, fastest connectivity. They are followed in results by Wireless N routers. So, if you are thinking of establishing a reliable Wi-Fi connection with a large range, always go for AC.


b. Wireless Speed


The speed of wireless routers has dramatically increased in the past few years. They are now three times more efficient in speed than Wireless N routers, while Wireless N are 14 times efficient than Wireless G series. In short, if you are using real-time applications such as streaming videos or gaming, Wireless AC will be the best option.


Levels of Wi-Fi Connections

Levels of Wi-Fi Connections table

TRENDnet Dual Band Wireless Router AC1750Other Features to Consider


a. Choose Dual Band Connectivity


There are different varieties of dual and single band models available in the market. Single band wireless routers usually work on one frequency i.e. 2.4 GHz, which is unsuitable for higher bandwidth applications such as streaming videos. Dual band routers are capable of transferring data over 2.4 GHz and 5 GHZ bands.

The benefits are dual: 2 bands mean that devices are much less likely to interfere. These routers also allow internet users to easily watch HD movies without experiencing overloading or speed problems.


b. Tri-Band Connectivity


Tri-band routers basically have additional band of 5 GHz that makes internet surfing easier and comfortable. Every band is responsible for reducing congestion and traffic no matter how many devices users are adding. They are especially designed for households having several Wi-Fi devices to use on.


c. Wireless Signals & Beamforming Technology


Most of the old fashion Wi-Fi routers operate on MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output). It provides users higher data transfer speed by using multiple antennas simultaneously.

However, when it comes to using advanced wireless routers, they work on beamforming technology that offers extra coverage and performance to the devices. Unlike typical wireless routers, their beamforming technology tracks and connects devices in the network and directly transmits signals to them.


d. Quality of Service (QoS)


Routers having this feature are able to track the network traffic type (i.e. Netflix®, web surfing, Skype®, online gaming, etc) to decide priority level for each device.


e. Gigabit Ethernet


The ports are provided in two different speeds. One is called Fast Ethernet and offers a maximum speed of 100 Mbps while. Other is called Gigabit Ethernet with a maximum speed of 1000 Mbps. So, it is recommended to use Gigabit Ethernet to use fast wired internet speed.


f. Cloud Services


Cloud service is among the most important and useful features that help users to manage and access their home networking routers from anywhere they want. For remote access, D-Link Cloud Routers are recommended. They boast free mobile applications to easily see the devices connected with the network, viewing their web browsing history and many more.


D-link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi monster RouterWhat Is Your Perfect Match?


The Media Lover router

Do you want to connect a smartphone, laptop, gaming console, smart TV or any other device to access the internet? Then you should be selecting a router that is efficient enough to provide speed to each of the devices, like D-Link’s AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit Range Extender DAP-1650 (photo 1).


The Multi-Tasker router

People always love to enjoy good movies with their family. They are in need of wireless routers that can manage many streams at a time. They provide equal speed and access to the internet without congestion and traffic. The TRENDnet Dual Band Wireless Router AC1750 (photo 2) is a perfect multi-tasker router!


The gamer router

Being a gamer, your home network has limited bandwidth that is responsible for providing different gaming advantages. So, users will need a wireless router that can support their games in the best manner. The D-Link Gaming Router with StreamBoost Technology DGL-5500 is the top router of this category.


The Monster router

People always want the best wireless router, no matter if they want for lag free online gaming or HD media streaming on different devices. They prefer to have routers equipped with latest wireless technology such as AC Smart Beam, Tri-Band and Smart Connect Wi-Fi that allow users to freely roam on the internet.

The D-link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router (photo 3) is a monster that will handle each and every router operation you confront it with!

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