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Rollerblades, which are widely known as the inline skates serve as the perfect alternative for clunky roller skates that feature metal wheels. The reason why rollerblades are widely popular is the fact that they have five wheels beautifully arranged in a single line manner to ensure that the skater has better control and balance while skating. From sports to ice skating and even hockey, rollerblades and inline skates are used by professionals and amateurs for practicing the art of skating. This guide describes different factors that should be considered while purchasing rollerblades or inline skates. It must be noted that Rollerblade is actually one of the most popular brand of inline skates and therefore, inline skates are often referred to as rollerblades. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Roller SkatesChoosing between different types

A variety of rollerblades and inline skates are available all over the world. Depending upon one’s purpose of skating, any one of these inline skates can be used:

Multipurpose Skates

Meant for professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts, these skates can be used for a variety of purposes. For exercisers, multipurpose rollerblades are the best. Made from plastic with inner foam liner, these skates may feature buckles and laces for fastening and are quite affordable.

Speed Skates

Those who love skating to depth and have a passion for it can choose speed rollerblades with five wheelers. Made from leather, they have a longer wheelbase that easily accommodates these wheels and the skates go fast. These skates are mostly used for competitive skating purposes and must not be used in public areas.

Hockey Skates

Meant for use in the rink, these rollerblades are used for ice hockey purposes. Rugged and strong, they are made from leather and have laces and ankle strap. These rollerblades should only be purchased by people who play ice skating or ice hockey games and must only be used in indoor rinks.

Aggressive Skates

For those who wish to try jumps, rail slides and adventurous tactics while skating, these are the rollerblades that should be purchased. They must have personalized fit. It is recommended that first time users must not buy these skates.

Component Skates

They are ideal for racing purposes. These skates must be complemented with frames, bearings, skate boots and wheels. Such skates should be purchased by those who have practiced using the regular rollerblades and want to take their game a step further.

Skate Shoes

Meant for those who love doing several things at a time, these kinds of rollerblades have street shoe fit and therefore, user can walk, roll and run at any time. They are casual and great for first time users.

Choosing on the basis of componentsRoller Skates 2

Several factors, such as wheel size, closure and braking system must be considered while purchasing rollerblades.


Wheels will determine the quality of one’s skating experience. Larger wheels are about speed and harder wheels are for durability purposes. Therefore, choose the one that fulfills your requirements. Generally, wheels can have a diameter from 56mm to 100mm. Aggressive inline skates have small wheels and speed skates feature larger wheels. Bearings should come with a rating from Annual Bearing Engineering Council. So, prefer higher ratings from ABEC.


Braking systems are a crucial factor behind choosing rollerblades. Most of the products in market currently have a brake on the back behind the rear wheel. Known as the heel break, these brakes are ideal for beginners as they allow skaters to adjust brake pad’s height. Plus, they help aggressive skaters perform a variety of tricks. Amateur skaters can get extra brakes to prevent any serious injuries while trying to learn and practice rollerblading.

Roller GT50Materials used

The upper portion of rollerblade is developed with different types of materials, including soft lining for cushioning foot and ankle. Ski book style hard shell offers maximum protection and must be chosen by amateurs, while professionals can opt for soft boot shell which is soft weight and allows one to perform better.


Closure is another factor that must be taken into consideration. Lace and buckle closures are usually provided by inline skate makers. While laces are like regular shoe lace and can be customized, they tend to open up and may be more time consuming to take on and off. On the other hand, buckle closures are for enthusiast and learners and offers support and stability. A third type, which feature two to five buckles along with laces are recommended for all users. Otherwise, regular buckle closure style is best for learners.


It must be noted that protective gear should be purchased while buying any kind of rollerblade. This includes wrist guards, knee caps and helmets for protecting body parts from any kind of injuries and fractures. Furthermore, make sure to check expert and user reviews about each product that you are considering to buy to make sure you are getting a reasonable quality-to-price ratio. Making full use of Shopbot’s price comparison tools is also strongly advised, as well as checking the conditions and warranties offered by each brand and store. Happy shopping, and happy rolling!

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