Ride-on Vehicles

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  • Audi Licensed Kids Ride On Cars Electric Car Children Toy Cars Battery White (RCAR-TTSROAD-WH)
    $199.96 $399.95 -50%
  • BoPeep Kids Rocking Horse Toddler Baby Horses Pony Ride On Toy Balance Rocker (BE1011-BL)
    $69.95 $99.95 -30%
  • Kidbot 4-in-1 Kids Rocking Horse Toy Children Slide Playset with Basketball Hoop Pink (FQ-T629-P)
    $49.97 $169.90 -71%
  • Rocking Animal Horse (VXL80070)
    $119.95 $179.95 -33%
  • Little Tikes Cozy Princess Coupe 630750M
  • BoPeep Kids Rocking Horse Toddler Baby Horses Pony Ride On Toy Balance Rocker (BE1011-BL)
    $69.95 $99.95 -30%
  • Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon with Canopy Ride On, Red
  • Audi Licensed Kids Ride On Cars Electric Car Children Toy Cars Battery White (RCAR-TTSROAD-WH)
    $199.96 $399.95 -50%
  • 3 in 1 Off-Road EZ Fold Wagon with Canopy
    $158.10 $172.88 -9%
  • Silver Ride On Car by Vilac
  • Ride on Fire Truck by Vilac
  • Up & Down Roller Coaster
  • Easy Steer Sportster by Step2
  • Wagon For Two Plus Willow - Green
  • Vintage Racing Cap and Goggles by Baghera
  • Complete Choo Choo Train Set
  • Grey Vintage Ride On Classic Car by Vilac
  • Light Pink Ride On Classic Car by Vilac
  • Light Blue Ride On Classic Car by Vilac
  • Bouncy Buggy Ladybug
  • Bouncy Buggy Bumblebee
  • Razor Ripstik Ripsurf CMYK Coloured
    $169.95 $179.95 -6%
  • Razor Hovertrax 1.5 Blue
    $549.95 $599.99 -8%
  • Berg Buddy White Go Kart
    $417.95 $449.95 -7%

Buying guide

Ride-on vehicles are very popular toys for kids from 12 months to 10 years old. They are good for developing the child’s first steps and serve as walkers and exercise equipment for their young arms and legs. They have an average price, but parents who can afford them get one or two ride-on types for their kids.

Types of Ride-On Vehicles

Push-along Ride-ones have a detachable handle, a steering wheel, a safety tray, a sound and some songs. When the child gets older, parents manage it and the safety tray can be removed for a continuous enjoyment of the ride-on toy. The Bruin 4-in-1 Activity Rocker Ride-on has these features. This is recommended for children who are 10 months old and above. It is effortless to assemble, sturdy, fun and safe. It is useful indoors or outdoors. It is convenient to bring along wherever possible because it is portable.


However, there is no control to keep the rocker from over rocking forwards or backwards. The hard puzzle objects in front of the ride-on vehicle can hurt the child’s mouth if bitten hardly. There were reports about bleeding babies’ mouths because of those hard puzzle pieces. Ride-ones for Toddlers are for babies learning to walk. These ride-ones help them with their first steps and serve as walkers. The rider needs to stride his legs in order to move the vehicle and this becomes easy because of the strong four wheels.


The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy included some educational features like three shapes for sorting or for feeding the puppy which are really very few; 50 plus sing-along songs that teach letters, colors and numbers while the baby is riding or playing with the vehicle. Positive phrases can also be heard for baby’s encouragement. The head of the puppy swivels sideways, ears flop, nose and collar light up along with the music. Pressing the nose makes the puppy say different phrases for the child. However, this vehicle is inflexible and hard to maneuver whether on carpet or hard but smooth floors.


Loosening the screws to make this ride-on more maneuverable is not a good idea and is not helpful at all. Wheels are not big enough, look feeble and have rotation issues. This ride-on makes sounds that it is very pleasant for both parents and children. Battery Powered / Electric Ride-on Vehicles use rechargeable batteries and come with a remote control that works within 100 feet and would automatically stop the vehicle beyond that distance. The rider can control the vehicle with the pedals, steering wheel and buttons or if the parents prefer, they can control the vehicle with or without their kids inside it by only using the remote control.



The Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart is very popular among older kids from age 8 and it has won many awards which including “Toy of the Year”. This ride-on vehicle runs 12 miles per hour and is powered by two 12-volt batteries for a 45-minute drive each charging. Anyone who weighs 140 lbs. which is the maximum weight allowed can ride this drifter kart. Users say that the battery lasts even as long as one hour, longer that what is advertised. But there are unlucky ones who complain about the battery life which is less than 45 minutes. The sad part is that batteries need recharging of around 12 hours for every less than an hour use. It doesn't have a rear or a headlight, so, driving at night needs some creativity.


Others just use a flashlight as a magic bullet just to enjoy driving when the streets are not too busy for playing. The rear tires, although hard-looking, get out of shape after around twelve rides. They still work but become a little shaky. This kart should not be used on grassy areas or rugged roads. The Power Wheels Dune Racer is another ride-on that uses a 12V battery and a charger. It has rugged tires that are big enough to accommodate two kids in the cockpit. This is good for kids who are 3 years to 7 years old. It can carry a maximum of 130 lbs. and its steel frame looks heavy-duty. The pedals are a little bit far from the seat, shorter kids might find it hard to reach the pedal. Assembly is fast except for the tires which have directional threads. Front wheels are marked but the rear wheels are not.


There is a big chance to interchange them. Wheel installation seems impossible to reverse. The wheels can go anywhere from up to downhill, grassy, rugged or smooth grounds it’s not a big deal. Pedal ride-on vehicles need the use of pedals to move them around. They don’t need any battery to power up. These ride-ones are dual purpose, enjoyment and exercise. One very attractive pedal ride-on is the InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car which is definitely unique and looks like a classic fire truck for kids who 3 years old and above. The steel frame has a lot of details and looks sturdy. The pedals are kind of hard to use especially for younger kids. Assembly is definitely a challenge. Those who want to have something easy to assemble and made of a light plastic should look around. This ride-on would last for more than a decade but it’s kind of hard to maneuver at first and needs skills to assemble.

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