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  • Roband Rice Cooker SW5400 (SW5400)
  • Apuro Rice Cooker (CFXB-180B-A2)
  • Birko Rice Cooker 1007000 (1007000)
  • Breville BRC200
  • RC1-10M RC1 Remote Keypad 10m for SV4SV4proSV8 Adder
  • Breville the Rice Box BRC460
  • Panasonic SR-DF101
  • Kambrook Rice Cooker KRC405
  • Westinghouse WHRC7C01SS
  • Philips Daily Collection Grain Master Rice Cooker 4L (HD451472)
    $139.88 $199.95 -30%
  • Heller 6L Electric Digital Slow Pressure Cooker 1000W (HPC1000)
    $99.98 $139.95 -29%
  • Breville BRC310BSS Rice Cooker
  • SR-G06FG 3.3C Rice Cooker Steamer PANASONIC
  • Panasonic SR-DF181WST
  • 1.8L Enco New Generation Rice Cooker (10 cups)
  • Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Small KW62 5-Cups 1L
  • SR-DF181 Fuzzy Logic 10C Rice Cooker PANASONIC
  • Enco New Generation Automatic Rice Cooker 1L 5 Cup
  • New Philips Multi-Function Slow Cooker 6L 1000W Stainless Steel Reheat Timer Roast (HD2137)
    $219.98 $239.95 -8%
  • Xiaomi 3L Electric Pressure IH Smart Rice Cooker APP Control (WP1020390403299)
  • Panasonic Rice cooker SR-MS183WST
  • Kambrook Rice Cooker (KRC5)
  • Tefal VC1352
  • Breville the Multi Chef BRC600

Buying guide

Rice CookerFactors to consider when buying rice cookers and steamers

Determine the kind you need

The market is flooded with various options when it comes to rice cookers. One can find a rice cooker that suits all kinds of requirements. The different kinds of rice cookers include the specialized models that cook risotto, pan, porridge, rice steamers, and paella pan. Initially when rice cookers came out, they were of the ceramic kind. But now, with the fast paced technology and advancement, rice cookers are of the electrical kind. Some are large, while some are extremely small. Electric rice cookers help one save time and energy, since they have an automatic switch on and off mode. The more recent and advanced heat induction rice cookers distribute the heat evenly throughout the mass, resulting in a fast and delicious meal.


Some of the rice cooker models vary in features according to their price. Other rice cookers come with features such as warming up the rice from time to time if the rice is still in the pot on an automatic basis, while some come with a faster cooking time or specific cooking mode for different rice consistencies (cooks the rice to the ideal texture for sushi, for example). A normal and standard rice cooker takes up to 30 minutes to cook the rice, but with some of the more advanced models – like pressure rice cookers –, the time has been reduced to about half. There are a number of models which offer these specific features; but if you and your family only eat rice occasionally, a regular basic rice cooker should suffice.

Take size into consideration

Some of the rice cookers come in a large size, while some are fairly small and can be carried around quite easily. If you are a college student, or a working professional who does not live in a large house, then you might want to go for something that can be easily installed, and would not consume much space or even power.

Non-stick material preference

Some rice cookers come with an aluminum coating inside which is non-stick, while some come with a charcoal or clay interior. While both of these are non-stick, there are some people who prefer it without the artificial coating, which happens to be in the case of the aluminum kind. Rice cookers that have a stainless steel are easier to clean, and therefore the most bought – since practicality is the main appeal behind these products in the first place.


Food steamers are the best alternative to establish a healthier and more nutritious diet, since steamed food locks in all the nutrients; provides the flavor intact; and helps one control calories. Some of the popular foods are cooked using steamers, such as steamed, fish, chicken, vegetables, and even helps make soups and sauces. Steamers are relatively inexpensive, and can be bought for extremely good deals, especially online. Not every food item can be boiled, since boiling food at times makes us get rid of the flavor accidentally in the process. Steamers ensure that the food gets cooked in minimal time, while keeping the flavor in place. There are 4 types of steamers:

MetalRed Steamer

These are usually 1 or 2 tiered, and can be easily cleaned and kept without any hassle. One does not have to carefully separate the food when placing it in the steamer, since there are individual compartments available for that.


These are made out of plastic and can be placed inside a microwave. Such steamers help in multitasking, and are fairly easy to use and clean.


These kind are extremely popular since they can be used anytime and anywhere. They are ideal for college students and people who are constantly on the go or travelling.

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