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Top Eyeliners You Can Rely On

Eyeliner has been part of people’s makeup routine since ancient times. The earliest examples of eyeliner were found in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. They were used by both males and females of high status to define their eyes and protect them from wrinkles. Even though this cosmetic product has been around for ages, it never went out of style and continued to dominate the cosmetic industry until today. 

Our Top Eyeliners List

  • Christian Dior Diorshow
  • LA Girl Ultimate
  • L’Oreal Paris Infallible
  • Urban Decay Perversion
  • TIGI Cosmetics Perfect Eyeliner
  • RevitaLash Defining Liner
  • Maybelline Master Precise
  • Sisley Phyto Khol

Christian Dior Diorshow On Stage Liquid Eyeliner

Top Eyeliners

A liquid eyeliner with up to 24 hours of wear, available in a range of intense colors and effects. The fine tip allows for freer application, guiding the line to flawlessly recreate Dior runway looks in a single stroke.

A waterproof liquid eyeliner with up to 24 hours of wear, available in a range of intense colors and effects

LA Girl Ultimate Intense Stay Auto Eyeliner

LA Girl Ultimate

LA Girl Ultimate Intense Stay Auto Eyeliner – Ultimate Black Smooth gel-like formula lines and defines eyes with intense color payoff! Benefits: Precise yet soft formula is easy to blend and lasts all day without smudging or smearing. Gel grip allows comfort and ease of application in a quick twist. Formula is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and free of preservatives. How To Use: Step 1: Draw a line from the inner to outer corner of eyelid and if desired, in lower waterline All L. A.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner

LOreal Paris Pencil Eyeliner

Create classic to bold eye designs with Infallible Never Fail Mechanical Eyeliner. The rich and creamy formula glides on easily and evenly for fade-proof color that stays all day. Use the built-in smudger and sharpener to create versatile eye looks for any occasion.

Urban Decay Perversion Fine Point Eye Pen

Urban Decay Perversion

An ultra-velvety free-flowing eye pen
Features a waterproof quick-drying & long-wearing formula
Draws fine thin or bold thick lines with absolute precision
Defines eyes with an intense black color
Boasts an ultimate brush & cartridge system that allows for a constant flow of ink
The ultra-fine tip glides on effortlessly without skipping or pulling

TIGI Cosmetics Perfect Eyeliner

TIGI Cosmetics Perfect Eyeliner
TIGI Cosmetics Perfect Eyeliner

TIGI Cosmetics has evolved over the years, with different names or packaging, but always with the same goal in mind – to inspire the cosmetic professional and give them the tools they need to create great artistry. These cutting-edge, award-winning products are designed with the makeup artist in mind. Whatever the creative vision, our professional-grade cosmetics deliver the masterpiece. Ultimately, we strive to set the standard for the professional cosmetic industry.

RevitaLash Defining Liner Eyeliner

RevitaLash Defining Liner Eyeliner

A richly pigmented non-irritating & long-wearing eyeliner
Features a cream-gel formula with conditioners for smooth
gentle application.
Saturates lash line with high impact stay-true color.

Maybelline Master Precise Skinny Eyeliner 

Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner

Master the most precise eye looks with our always-sharp gel liner. This automatic pencil delivers an ultra-smooth line that lasts all day. Achieve mistake-proof application thanks to the 1.8mm micro-tip and smooth gel intensity.

Sisley Phyto Khol Perfect Eyeliner

Sisley Phyto Khol Perfect Eyeliner

Phyto khol perfect eyeliner with blender and sharpener sharpens eyes with metallic, gleaming highlights. High content of oils and waxes ensure smooth application.

Phyto khol perfect eyeliner with blender and sharpener sharpens eyes with metallic, gleaming highlights.

What is the best eyeliner for you?

There are many varieties of eyeliner on the market. You may feel overwhelmed picking what is best for your daily makeup routine or what would look best for your overall makeup.

Eyeliner options are endless. Here are some of the most common ones:

Liquid Liner

Liquid liners are great when you want to have that cat-eye or dramatic look. Liquid liners are matte formula and highly pigmented. It comes with a thin brush at the end of the applicator wand that will give your look a well-defined, sharp, and accurate line, which makes your eyelashes thicker. It is super-dark and has a long-staying effect, and it does not smear off easily once dried. Liquid liner wands come within various shapes and sizes; they can be felt-tip or short nibbed-style. 

The only downside of choosing liquid eyeliner is that it requires a steady hand, a precise application, and lots of practice. When using liquid liners, always remember that precision is vital.

Gel Eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner is a cult favorite of makeup artists. It comes in a pot with a small thin brush to help the application of the product. Often, a gel eyeliner has a creamy and thick substance that is good for layering. If you are looking for a neatly applied liner that can go super dark in color and have good staying power, then a gel eyeliner is what you are looking for. 

It is suitable for creating smudged smoky eyes. It is also good for creating a bold, graphic look. The only disadvantage of this product is that you also need a brush for application and lots of practice for precision.

Pencil Liner

Pencil Liner is a staple on every makeup bag. Pencil liners can achieve soft, smudgy, deep, and even dramatic looks. It is excellent for beginners since it is very convenient, manageable, and easy to use. It glides smoothly in the eyelids and can be applied in the waterline. 

Pencil eyeliner is suitable for people who are looking for a subtle look for everyday wear. It is amateur-friendly, not tricky to apply, and easy to carry. It is the most accessible eyeliner type to control and correct when there are mistakes. There are two types of pencil eyeliner: the traditional pencil that needs sharpening during every use and the retractable pencil that can be twisted to extend the length. 

How to Apply an Eyeliner

It takes patience to put on eyeliner. Whether it is a smudged, winged, or subtle look you are trying to get, you need practice. The other important thing about applying your eyeliner is the type of liner you are using. If you are doing an easy, natural, or smudged look, you may use a pencil liner, but if you are going for full glam, dramatic, winged, and cat-eye looks, it is better to use gel or liquid eyeliner. 

The shape of your eye will dictate how you can wear your eyeliner. You can use the curve of your lower line to help you create the perfect flick on the upper lid. Remember that when using a pencil liner to have smoother and sharper lines, always sharpen the pencil before using. 

Lining using a flat-tip pencil will only leave you with rough and uneven lines. When starting with liquid or gel liners, don’t just do a harsh line because it will always look uneven. Begin with dots along the lash line and connect it. 

And if you want to look more awake and alert, it would be best to apply flesh-colored ones along your bottom lid line. But always remember that it is okay to make mistakes; don’t be discouraged if you cannot get the eye look you want. Be patient because there is always makeup remover and some Q-tips you can use to erase mistakes. 

Different Eyeliner Styles

One of the best things about doing your makeup is that you can pick different styles every day. The same goes with your eyeliner. You can have a subtle, basic look or a dramatic, winged look. There are a lot of versatile eyeliner looks you can do. Check out some of them here:

Basic Liner

If you are an amateur, you should start with a basic liner look. It is the easiest to achieve, and it is ideal for an everyday makeup style. It is subtle but flattering.

Winged Eyeliner or a Classic Cat-eye 

This style has been a popular one for decades. It is flattering to any eye shape, and it can also intensify a look. Most experts say that this look will always be in style. Draw a thin line on the upper and lower eyelid, and then add a wing in the outer part of your eye to form a winger liner.

Colored or Glitter Eyeliner

If you are bored of using black or brown eyeliner, you can use colorful or glittery eyeliner to enhance your look. Using colorful liners will make your eyes appear more prominent, and applying glitter will make you look sparkling.

Smokey Eyeliner

This type is the perfect style for a smoky-eyed look. Start applying the eyeshadow, and then apply a thin layer of eyeliner on the upper lid and blend it to create the smudge effect. 

Graphic eyeliner

Having a graphic-styled eyeliner is a bold beauty statement. This style is where your creativity will shine. It involves creating shapes using liners.

Choose the best one for you!

Wrap it up

Having eyeliner in your makeup kit is a must. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and using some well-applied eyeliner can enhance, define, and give structure to your eyes. Eyeliners can be one of the essential cosmetic products you can own because of their history and significance.

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