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How To Grab The Best Deal This Black Friday

If you’re like most shoppers in Australia, chances are you’re waiting for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s fair to say this is the most competitive selling day of the year. For example, according to a national survey conducted by McCrindle, 94% of Australians have heard of Black Friday.

That said, this shopping day can be overwhelming even if you’re an experienced shopper. Wondering how you can purchase great products on limited-time deals this Black Friday? If so, you’ll find this guide helpful.

Read on to discover how to grab the best deals. 

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Set Up Online Accounts Early On

It isn’t uncommon for many eCommerce websites to get slow during Black Friday. If you’re looking to grab favourite deals this year’s Black Friday like 71% of other Australians, you should set up your online accounts early on because the most popular discounted products can sell out quickly. 

You want to identify your best online retailers, set shipping and payment details, and save them. This will hasten your buying process, reducing the chances of missing substantial offers. It would also be best to sign up on your preferred retailer’s newsletters and follow their social media pages. Doing this will increase the odds of accessing early deals as soon as they come up. 

Compare Prices – Know The Prices History

During Black Friday, you can expect many deals, and sometimes it can be challenging to find a favourite store and purchase the products you want. Many shopping centres, malls, and online retailers can offer huge discounts, and it can be a great idea to compare prices. 

Set Your Budget

With the many deals on Black Friday, it’s not uncommon for shoppers to get carried away and surpass their spending limits. It’s no doubt, a lot of these deals can be tempting because of heavy discounts. Regardless of the many offers, you don’t want to shop beyond your budget. If you don’t want to break your bank, you need to have a budget. 

Utilize Loyalty Programs

Store loyalty programs can be essential for shoppers because they allow members to access early promotions, sales, and coupons. With these programs, members also receive rewards on their purchases. You want to sign up for alerts as Black Friday approaches to get such benefits. You can also check if the products you intend to purchase are available and whether they provide online purchases. Buying online and picking up at a store instead of shipping can save you some money. 

Avoiding Online Scams This Black Friday

Black Friday shopping can be an exhilarating experience but can turn sour if you don’t get what you expect. With increased online shopping during this holiday season, consumers should be watchful of possible frauds and scams. While many reputable retailers provide an exceptional experience to shoppers, a few malicious individuals can take advantage of Black Friday to scam consumers. To avoid such pitfalls, you want to look out for:

•    Analyse retail sellers carefully
•    Attachments and files that require you to open
•    Incredible deals that look suspicious
•    Instant messaging scams
•    Suspicious emails that require urgency
•    Suspicious email links that push you to click

It’s critical to stick to recognized retailers. If a merchant is new to you, ensure you do due diligence before you purchase any product. For example, a reputable retailer should have a professional-looking website and a physical address.

Black Friday Sales Trend – Last 5 Years

Black Friday Australia Data
Black Friday Australia Data

Black Friday Sales Australia

Black Friday Australia Demand – Top Cities

Black Friday
BFCM Trends

Wrap It Up

Black Friday can be one of the best shopping days where you can purchase your favourite products. If you want to get the best, ensure you consider the tips outlined in this article.

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