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Cut It Out! – The Best Grass Shears You Can Find

Even though one has a great lawnmower, tough grass evades the blades, and it can still miss a few spots. You can achieve a well-kept lawn by using the best grass shears. Unlike trimmers that fray grass resulting in yellowed tips, manual grass shears snip ends off smoothly, retaining the lush green of the grass. With the best grass shears, you can quickly achieve a perfectly-manicured lawn.

The Best Grass Shears

Why Manual Is Better Than Electric Grass Shears

Many people familiar with trimming attempts, if they will be operating on small plants or long trees and bushes, have total trust in manual shears’ abilities. Using these shears has lots of advantages. It provides more precise cuts than mechanized variants. Electric shears make a lot of noise, and manual shears are practically silent.

Although manual shears are not well suited for long jobs because they rely entirely on the person’s power, they can make cleaner, more exact cuts. They are better suited to little projects that won’t tire you.

Best Grass Shears
Best Grass Shears

Gas-powered grass shears

Gas-powered garden shears are the most acceptable option for cutting through heavier branches. It cuts through branches up to 1″ thick. These shears are also lengthier and more suitable for cutting very high and out-of-reach branches. Gas-powered shears are more maneuverable than other shears, but they are heavier and very loud when used.

Corded and Cordless

Corded shears must be connected to an outlet to work. It does not produce emissions, and it requires no gas or other liquid fuel. As a result, these shears are safe for the environment.

These shears also have the benefit of being lighter than gas-powered shears. The most significant disadvantage of corded shears is that the cord can get in the way. It’s also annoying to have to ensure that you’re close to an outlet or have an extension cord long enough to access the area where you’re working.

Cordless shears are battery-powered. These shears are ready to use with just a fully-charged battery. You won’t have to be concerned about the cord getting twisted or getting in the way.

Different Kinds of Manual Grass Shears

Edging shears are similar to scissors because of having vertical blades. These shears are designed to cut grass growing at an angle for a clean, crisp edge. It can cut around the margins of driveways, sidewalks, and other locations.

Topping shears, on the other hand, have blades that are horizontal.  This method trims the grass to a specific height, trimming places that the mower may have skipped. Top shears with attachable features make cutting the lawn at an angle convenient.

The most adaptable are swivel blades. They can be used for edging or topping at a diverse array of flexible angles while also offering ergonomic advantages. These blades may have few locking positions or the ability to lock at any angle if they have a 360-degree rotating head.

Ways to care for grass shears

1. Always clean grass shears. After each usage, grass shears, like every other gardening gear, must be cleaned. This maintains the sharp edges while also preventing corrosion and removing contaminated dirt particles.

2. Disinfect Grass Shears. Cleaning and disinfection are two distinct processes, even though some people mix them up. Cleaning means removing physical soil and debris from the gardening equipment. Disinfection involves sterilizing the shears to guarantee it is free of harmful bacteria that could damage other plants.

3. Sharpen Grass Shears. A new set of grass shears have sharp blades at first, but they will lose their sharpness after a few uses. Garden shears with sharpened edges cut better, making things easier both for gardeners and plants. If shears are well-maintained and used often, gardeners should sharpen blades at least at the end of the season or every six weeks.

4. Remove Rust from Grass Shears. Garden shears’ metal can rust even with regular cleaning, specifically if the steel is from a higher grade. To avoid corrosion from harming grass shears, wipe off or spray the blades and cross-bearing with a light coat of motor oil. If you don’t have any motor oil, you can make a diluted oil combination with kerosene, black tea, or wax paper.

5. Lubricate Grass Shears. Water and other external conditions can cause cross-bearing that keep the grass shear blades together and rust over time, making it harder to open and close the shear blades. To avoid this, use WD-40 or a light three-in-one oil to lubricate the area.

6. Store Garden Shears. It’s time to put the grass shears away once they’ve been cleaned, disinfected, sharpened, oiled, and rust-free. Outside of the weather, store shears in a closet, garage, shed, or another indoor location. Make sure the area is well-ventilated as well. Keep the shears in a convenient location, but make sure they aren’t in the way, so they don’t become a hazard.

What To Look For When Buying Grass Shears

A few things to look for before purchasing a grass shear:

1. For manual grass shears, you will want to ensure their blades aren’t flimsy. Also, make sure that the coatings of the blades are non-stick for easier cleanup and the blades won’t rust. Consider using a pair of long-handled grass shears if you have trouble leaning down. You can trim without bending overusing these.

Traditional scissor handles are available; however, many people find them uncomfortable to use when doing a lot of shearing. Check for a spring grip on the handle and that it is pleasant to hold. Soft-grip coatings can also provide blister protection.

The battery in cordless grass shears should endure for a long time and be comfortable in hand. If you choose a version that also functions as a shrub trimmer, make sure the blades are well secured in the device.

Wrap It Up

Grass shears are essential tools for cutting grass and keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy. The best thing about grass shears is that they can reach regions that a mower couldn’t. If you have a great desire to maintain the condition of your garden, you’ll need to have and use grass shears and keep them in good working order to get the most out of them.

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