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Christmas Toy Gift Guide – Kids Board Games

This year give a gift that will bring the whole family together, with some classic board games. Not only are they fun to play, but they also teach your kids skills while spending time together.

Say no to more screen time and yes to more family time with our range of top-reviewed kids’ board games.

See the benefits of playing board games for kids here

We have searched the web and found a range of the best-selling kid’s board games that will make perfect Christmas gifts this year.

Best Kids Board Games

  • Hasbro Monopoly – Super Mario Edition
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos Classic
  • Mouse Trap – Mensa For Kids
  • Hasbro Twister
  • Monopoly – The Lord of The Rings Edition
  • Drumond Park Articulate
  • Kerplunk Game

Hasbro Monopoly – Super Mario Edition

Kids Board Games
Hasbro Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition

It’s-a Me, Mario! The Super Mario Celebration edition of the Monopoly game offers action-packed excitement along with nostalgia. Choose from 6 tokens designed with the Super Mario enthusiast in mind, and buy, sell, and trade locations from iconic Super Mario games. It features beloved characters and themes through the years, all the way back to 1985 and the first Super Mario Bros.

Hungry Hungry Hippos Classic

Hungry Hungry Hippos Classic
Hungry Hungry Hippos Classic

Hungry Hungry Hippos game is marble-chomping, hippo-feeding fun. Includes 4 hippo heads and bodies plus marbles for them to chomp. Storage is a snap with the included marble storage cover. Have a chompin’ good time with the hippo-feeding Hungry Hungry Hippos game! Hungry Hippo and his pals are ready to join in the feeding frenzy. Release all the marbles onto the game base, and then start chomping. Move fast, the player whose hippo chomps the most marbles wins!

Mouse Trap – Mensa For Kids

Mouse Trap Mensa For Kids
Mouse Trap Mensa For Kids

Mouse Trap Game. Sniff, sniff! Do you smell that? Mmmmm…it’s yummy, delicious cheese! A mouse’s dream come true! And oh, can you believe it someone’s left it right out in the open! But you better be careful of that crazy, wild, wacky, action-contraption mouse trap! Scurry around the board collecting cheese and stealing cheese from other players…but watch out for the mousetrap! Be the first player to collect six-cheese wedges to win! Zany Construction and Lots of Laughs. Mouse Trap is the classic game of mouse-catchin action! This fun-filled game of gadgets and chain reactions is a tried-and-true family favourite. Kids and their friends will laugh as they navigate the gameboard and try to steal their opponent’s cheese. Experience the fun with a swinging boot, a marble, and even a diver flipping into a tub discover how these wacky tricks work together to drop the cage on an unsuspecting mouse!

Hasbro Twister

Hasbro Twister
Hasbro Twister

Get moving with the Twister game! It’s the on-the-floor party game where the spinner calls the shots and you make the moves. The classic Twister spots and laugh-out-loud action will have you and your friends tangled up in fun in no time. The Twister game features all the commands you know and love, and now includes the Air and Spinner’s Choice commands for even more twisted fun!

Monopoly – The Lord of The Rings Edition

Monopoly The Lord of The Rings Edition
Monopoly The Lord of The Rings Edition

In the Monopoly Board Game: The Lord of the Rings Edition players imagine being in Middle-earth as one of the Fellowship. Buy properties to protect the lands from the evil armies of Mordor, and earn money by charging rent and by controlling the Ring of Power. It’s a fun thing to do while staying at home and makes a great gift for kids ages 8 and up. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and the names of the characters, items, events, and places therein are trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises under license to New Line Productions, Inc.

Drumond Park Articulate

Drumond Park Articulate
Drumond Park Articulate

Articulate for Kids is just like Articulate – the fast-talking description game, but for kids! If you know Articulate then you’ll understand this right away: It’s stupendously successful household name fast-talking game but with over two thousand new topics compiled by an educational specialist to be suitable for kids aged 6-12. In Articulate you will need to be as descriptive as you’ve ever been in order to win. Bring your competitive self out to the table while competing against family and friends – what team will hectically describe and rightfully guess more words before the timer is off? It’s an ideal team game for when friends are round even for big groups (we reckon up to twenty children).

Kerplunk Game

Kerplunk Game
Kerplunk Game

Ker Plunk is a blast from the past with a cool look and attitude The object of the game is to skillfully remove the sticks from the tube while dropping the fewest marbles possible. The translucent tube stands upright on a base that contains four separate numbered trays. Each player selects a numbered compartment to use throughout the game, and the straws are passed through holes midway through the tube to form a lattice web. The marbles are then placed in the top of the tube and held in place by the web. Just set it up, start playing and watch out for marbles that go Ker Plunk. The players must use steady hands and a cool head to remove the sticks from below the marbles.

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Wrap It Up

So instead of buying toys that will last a few days and end up in landfills, why not give a gift that will bring joy to the whole family for years to come.

If you are like me, you will still remember playing Monopoly as a kid.

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