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Baking It Right – Best Baking Trays Australia

Baking can be a difficult task. Even though you start with a fail-proof, tried-and-true recipe, factors ranging from mixing techniques to the temperature of ingredients you will use can all have an impact on how the cake turns out. 

Did you know that one of the most likely causes for cake failure is improper use of baking trays? Because there is little room for error in baking, you should always use a suitable baking tray. Typically, the required size and type are specified in the recipe. Using high-quality baking trays is vital to have the perfect dessert!

Top Reviewed Baking Trays

Factors to consider in selecting baking trays

If you’re in the market for new baking trays, there are several factors to consider to make the best choice:

Baking pan materials

When selecting a baking pan, the material used to make it is an essential factor to consider. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with metal, glass, silicone, and other materials to choose from. Keep these considerations in mind to make your decision easier:

Aluminum is the most common baking tray material. It’s cheap, long-lasting, and simple to use. Since it is not nonstick, it is crucial to grease the tray thoroughly. Because of its metallic nature, it also generates heat very well, allowing for even heating and baking of your dessert. 

If you are a beginner interested in investing in a baking tray, an aluminum baking tray is an excellent choice. Look for a medium-weight tray to make it last even longer. Thinner baking trays are less expensive, but they can distort when exposed to extreme heat, resulting in uneven baking. Aluminum baking trays should never be used to prepare acidic foods, such as tomato-based dishes, since the acid in them and the aluminum may cause a reaction, resulting in off-tasting food.

Tinned steel baking trays are made from steel sheets that have been coated with a thin layer of tin, making them a good heat conductor. The bakeware’s tin coating allows it to heat slowly and evenly. After prolonged use, tinned steel bakeware will darken, which may affect baking times. These are typically thicker and more expensive pans.

Aluminized steel and anodized aluminum are also options. Anodized aluminum is non-reactive with acidic batters, while aluminized steel provides some nonstick protection.

Glass ovenproof baking trays are made of tempered glass and have good heat conductivity. It is relatively easy to clean, does not stain, and is not affected by acidic foods. Ovenproof glass can be removed from the refrigerator or freezer and placed in a hot oven; however, when removed from a hot oven, it should be allowed to cool to room temperature before being placed in a refrigerator or freezer or being exposed to water. Because glass baking trays heat up quickly and retain heat longer than metal trays, you might also want to reduce the baking temperature by about 25° F from what is recommended in the baking instructions.

Silicone baking trays, which are used for baking molds, are a relatively new product. It’s made of a bendable and flexible silicone material used in the oven, microwave, or freezer. Unlike other baking trays, silicone trays do not absorb heat and transfer evenly to the food. 

When food is removed from the oven, the cooking process immediately stops, preventing additional browning of the bottom and edges of the food. This bakeware can be folded for storage convenience without damaging the material.

Surfaces and features to look for in a baking tray

1. Nonstick Surface is ideal because they are effortless to clean, typically scratch-resistant, and provides excellent food release. Since these sheets and trays are darker in color, be prepared for quickly baked desserts and cookies with crispy edges.

2. Nonstick Textured Surface is a baking pan with a rigid and patterned finish that promotes proper airflow and eliminates hot spots within the pans. They also provide increased stability, strength, durability, and release.

3. Straight Walls. Baking trays with bakery-style smooth, straight sides is essential if you want to bake like a professional baker. The best kinds have straighter edges for more professional-looking cakes and pastries.

More uses for baking trays

Apart from baking, you may use baking trays as a:

1. Slider Maker. 

If you’re cooking for a party, skip the grill and create a large batch of mini burgers on a baking tray. In a baking pan, press your preferred meat patty mixture into an even layer, score together into small squares, and bake until cooked through at 425 degrees F. Serve with tiny buns and traditional condiments, such as onions, pickles, and lettuce.

2. Skewer Soaker. Bamboo skewers are a must-have for kebabs, but they’re also highly flammable; therefore, you should soak them for at least 20 minutes before cooking. Please place them in a sheet pan with a half-inch of water instead of straining to find a bowl large enough to fit their length. When you’re finished, transfer your dish to the grill using the empty pan.

3. Pot Lid. If your skillet or stockpot doesn’t have a lid, use a baking tray.

4. Oven Protector. When you make pie, soufflé, lasagna, or any other dish that can bubble over, place a sheet pan on the bottom rack of your oven to avoid the effort and time of messy cleanup. Rather than cleaning residue off the oven’s interior, it’s far easier to wash the pan.

5. Prep Space. Pile each ingredient onto the baking tray as you chop or dice. This process keeps them all in one place, ready to go whenever you need them. It also frees up counter space and makes transporting items from the counter to the burner simple.

Best Baking Trays Sets

  • To encounter Silicone Baking Pans Set
  • Wilton Easy Layers! Sheet Cake Pan
  • Cabilock 2PCS Stainless Steel Baking Pan
  • Nordic Ware Naturals Big Baking Sheet Set

To encounter Silicone Baking Pans Set

Best Baking Trays
To encounter Silicone Baking Pans Set

To encounter is dedicated to providing high-quality home & kitchen products that bring you a colorful and unique life.

Wilton Easy Layers! Sheet Cake Pan

Wilton Easy Layers Sheet Cake Pan
Wilton Easy Layers Sheet Cake Pan

Bake a slim and stunning layered sheet cake using this 2-Piece Easy Layers layered cake pan set. Double up the layers and bake 4 cakes to stack it even higher.

Cabilock 2PCS Stainless Steel Baking Pan

Cabilock 2PCS Stainless Steel Baking Pan
Cabilock 2PCS Stainless Steel Baking Pan

Stainless Steel Baking Grilling Plate Kitchen Flat Bottom Tray

Nordic Ware Naturals Big Baking Sheet Set

Nordic Ware Naturals Big Baking Sheet
Nordic Ware Naturals Big Baking Sheet

Naturals commercial bakeware is made of pure aluminum which will never rust for a lifetime of durability. For sweet or savory baking; from cookies to sheet pan dinners, this is the pan you’ll reach for

Wrap It Up

Remember that baking is both a science and an art. The type of tray you use serves a purpose. A baking tray is one of the kitchen’s unsung heroes, taken for granted when there but sadly missed when not. If you don’t already have one, you should go out and get one.

Most bakers, however, only own one type of baking pan. While this is perfectly acceptable, especially if you only bake one type of dessert, it is worth investing in other types of baking pans.

Go ahead and bake that perfect cake!

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