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Over the years, as with any electronical apparatus, technological innovations constantly make older receivers redundant. That is why those who have purchased their receivers a long time ago must opt for a new audio receiver that can provide better compatibility and sounds with newer products. In fact, individuals who have purchased Blu-Ray disc player or high resolution video formats should choose receivers that come with advanced technology to get the best high resolution audio formats.


Because of increase in number of receivers in the market, users may find it difficult to buy a product that matches their requirements, fits into their budget, provides better functionality and is durable. But now, they don’t have to worry. This guide is all about picking the best receiver that fulfills all requirements.

Choosing between stereo or surround

When it comes to audio receivers, currently two types of systems exist: Stereo and Surround. Stereo systems are meant to operate with two speakers, both of which can be kept in same or different rooms. Most of the present day stereo audio receivers have satellite radio capability and come with HD radio tuners to ensure that listeners can hear any kind of channels or audio they want. Some of them also have iPod integration to listen to one’s favorite songs. Apart from this, these speakers may also have subwoofer system. But stereo receivers are more often not compatible with video and digital audio inputs. Most of them come with analog stereo.


On the other hand, surround sound receivers work on the concept of home theater system. They are successors of stereo receivers and have better sound capability, surrounding the room with different sounds. These systems can easily process digital audio and digital video, come with speaker setup and have network access for video and audio support. Currently, the stereo receivers are less popular because of their reduced compatibility. They can be used for smaller rooms and regular television sets, but they cannot work with cable or DVD and Blu-Ray players. Therefore, ultimate audio lovers should opt for surround sound receivers.

Consider features and specifications carefully

Fancy Features

Since receivers have become an important part of homes, therefore, even the budget models of surround receivers come with all kinds of sounds and whistles. Therefore, look for product specifications and the features offered by budget as well as high end models. Individuals can also check out different reviews of these features to make sure that they get the best services. Specs should be taken into consideration. But sometimes, manufacturers may simply provide misleading specifications to make their products more attractive. Therefore, read between the lines to get an idea of what specifications are crucial and which ones may be misleading. Going for quality is better than simply opting for the ones with aesthetic appeal.


Since most of the buyers are currently looking for more power, therefore manufacturers provide a variety of products that have more wattage. But this is an erroneous belief that more watts mean more power. So, know about these different types of power systems and choose the one that suits your needs.


While buying receiver, make sure that their power is mentioned as RMS and not as peak power. RMS or the Root mean square represents continuous flow of power that can be sustained for longer duration. Therefore: the higher the RMS, the higher the power capabilities of a receiver.


Low quality receivers may have 100 watts per channel, but this power actually falls considerably. Therefore, check for statement such as ‘all channels driven’ while buying a receiver, because this indicates that amplification is equal for each and every channel that the receiver supports.Reiveivers


If a brand offers 100X5 @1kHz of power rating, it might mean that the ratings are achieved in conditions of low stress. Therefore, while buying a receiver, make sure to check a rating that is close to 20Hz to 20kHz to ensure that the audio rating is more accurate.

Auto Calibration Systems

Mid and high level audio receivers have special auto step up tools that allow for receiver and speaker calibration. Although, they can be manually calibrated, still the addition of auto calibration ensures that the user receives best sound that the receiver and speaker can produce. For manual calibration, users can opt for a home calibration guide to calibrate speaker and receiver for their homes.


Lastly, products with DAC or the digital to analog converter can also be used for receivers. This feature enables the receiver to turn poor sound signals into better and ensures that the product offers better audio. Most of the receiver manufacturers don’t actually reveal about their DAC systems unless they are good. Therefore, for those who require DAC, they must check for products that mention about this feature in their specs.

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