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  • Remote Control Excavator Digger w/ Light Flexible Arm Mini Model Toy for Kids (KLY1530)
    $39.97 $69.95 -43%
  • Jule 23211 1:20 Brushed RC Car RTR Splashproof / 2.4GHz 2WD / Impact-resistant PVC Shell (CB208943701)
  • 1885 - B 2.4G 1/18 18km/h Drift RC Off-road Car Desert Truck RTR Toy Gift (CB272732201)
  • Sphero Ollie
  • Hosim High Speed 36km/h 4WD 2.4Ghz Remote Control Truck 9135, 1:16 Scale Radio Conrtolled Off-Road RC Car Electronic Monster Truck R/C RTR Hobby Cross-Country Car Buggy (Red)
  • Gizmovine RTR Hobby Rc Cars 1:12 Scale Large Remote Control Car 2.4G 4WD High Speed 30 MPH+ Rc Trucks 4x4 Off Road Waterproof Toys (Rc car)
  • WowWee Roboraptor
  • Jule UJ99 - 2815B 2.4GHz 1:20 RC Car RTR 20km/h / Shock Absorber / Impact-resistant PVC Shell (CB209018901)
  • Parrot MiniDrone Jumping Night Buzz
  • Sphero 2.0
  • Blesiya 1:24 Electric RC Remote Control Excavator Construction Truck Toy for Kids
  • Toys for 6-12 Year Old Boys 4WD Remote Control Car for Kids RC Car Off Road 25KM/H High Speed Racing Car, 4x4 RC Truck Monster Remote Control Vehicle Boys Girls Adults Gifts with 2 Batteries
  • Parrot Jumping Fast and Energetic Parrot Jumping Minidrone Race Max, Red, Red (PF724321)
  • Sphero Star Wars BB-8
  • RC Wall Climbing Car
  • Candide Barbie Fashion Car
  • Maisto Tech RC Super Yacht Rechargeable Boat Remote Control Kids Skill 3 Toy 8y+
    $79.00 $109.00 -28%
  • Carrera Red Bull RC 1:20 2.4GHz RC2 Remote Control Buggy Car Toy Kids/Adult 14y+
    $109.95 $145.00 -24%
  • Lenoxx H100 2.4GHz Remote Controlled/RC Racing High Speed Boat f/ Kids 14y+ Blue
    $79.00 $94.95 -17%
  • VTech Turbo Force Racers in Yellow
    $28.99 $34.99 -17%
  • Jule 23211 1:20 Brushed RC Car RTR Splashproof / 2.4GHz 2WD / Impact-resistant PVC Shell (CB208943701)
  • 1885 - B 2.4G 1/18 18km/h Drift RC Off-road Car Desert Truck RTR Toy Gift (CB272732201)
  • Carrera RC 1:14 USB Rechargeable Ford F-150 Raptor Off-Road Kids 6y+ Toys Black
    $169.00 $220.00 -23%
  • Chicco 23cm Ferrari Kids Toy Electric Race Car w/RC/Remote Control/Sounds 3y+

Buying guide

Choosing your RC toy


Know about the top RC toy brands

Since RC toys are still not as commonly sold as some of the other toys like guns and dolls, it is sometimes best to go with a known brand. When you search the internet for RC toy, you will get to see plenty of online stores where these toys are sold. When you visit these online stores, you will find the list of the most popular brands. In fact, the highest selling products would be displayed prominently. Research about some of the top brands and you will know which one you should trust for good quality products and controls.


Keep safety and complexity in mind

RC toy typically consist of many moving parts and it’s a great idea to know about these toys and their component parts before you pick one. If the composition of a particular toy is highly complex, you are better off being there when your kid plays with it. Kids possess this amazing sense of curiosity and they are perfectly capable of destroying items, the toy here. If you pick up a very complicated toy, make sure that you'll have the according use of it. Otherwise, if you're searching a RC toy to please a young child for example, you should pay attention at paying for a simplier and bulkier one.


Choose between gas and electric RC toys

Some of the RC toys, especially the ones that fly, use fuel to operate. An RC helicopter, for instance, may require gas to fly. Hence, you need to make sure that it is you who is filling up the fuel and not your child. This could be dangerous. However, you may not opt for a gas powered RC toy at all. The other option for you is to buy an electric powered RC toy that runs on batteries. These toys are safer when there are kids around. However, in terms of performance, there is no discernible difference between gas powered and electric powered RC toys.


You need to know about the remote control

The complexity of the RC toy remote controller needs to be considered as well. The remote controls are available with different numbers of channels. The simplest remote controls have 2 channels and the number of channels can go up to 6 as well. The more the number of channels, the more challenging is the task of operating the toy. When you browse around for the best RC toys, keep in mind the number of channels on the remote. While more channels mean more complexity, they also allow you to have a superior gaming experience.


Assembling an RC toy

The number of parts also plays a role when it comes to assembling an RC toy. You can buy totally assembled RC toys: take the toy out of the package and it is ready to operate. If you are into DIY, then a partly assembled or not assembled toy will thrill you more. You will love following the user manual as you get the parts together and make your toy ready for action.


Which RC toy for which use?


If you are more interested in driving, then you can choose your dreamed RC toy among the remote controlled vehicules. The Disney Cars 2 radio controlled car is a fabulous toy car. It looks like one of the Disney Cars movie characters and it is absolutely easy to manage. The remote is simple enough for anyone drive it by distance, and provides the perfect amusement for your child at home.

There are more complex cars to drive also. The V8s and the Lamborghinis remote controlled cars not only look like small replicas of the original cars, but also perform superbly.


A lot of people prefer flying RC toys and you could be one of them. The number of flying RC toys is bound to astound you as you go through online to store catalogues. From remote controlled helicopters to drones to fighter planes, there is an amazing array of flying RC toys that you can buy. Some of the notable products in this category are DJI Phantom 2Parrot AR Drone 2.0 and DJI Phantom 2 Vision. Go through the product descriptions and you will know which one to buy.


Many enthusiasts prefer remote controlled animals. For example, you can buy toy dogs that can be controlled remotely. These dogs can perform amazing tricks through your fingers that control the remote. These toys look more like robots and they almost have an intelligence system built inside them. Consider the Zoomer Robodog and you will fall in love with it. You can also look for birds, cats and even monkeys... A great range of choice is here to please you, especially if you shop online!

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