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  • Omega ORT6WXA
  • Range Hood - Phoenix, 1500mm/480mm, 1.5m (Alfresco, Canopy, Indoor/Outdoor BBQ)
    $569.00 $1,250.00 -54%
  • Range Hood with Touch Display Black 900 mm
  • vidaXL Wall Mounted Range Hood 90 cm Stainless Steel 756 m³/h LED
    $237.99 $310.99 -23%
  • vidaXL Wall Mounted Range Hood 60 cm Stainless Steel 756 m³/h LED
    $197.99 $209.99 -6%
  • Blanco Slideout Rangehood 600mm Stainless Steel BRS60PX
    $239.00 $399.00 -40%
  • Schweigen Silent Undermount Rangehood Silent 900mm (1600M3/HR) Stainless Steel UM-9SP
    $2,590.00 $2,849.00 -9%
  • Schweigen Silent Undermount Rangehood Silent 600mm (900M3/HR) Stainless Steel UM1170-6ST
    $1,771.00 $1,949.00 -9%
  • Euro Rangehood 900mm Slideout Stainless Steel ERH900SLX
    $365.00 $429.00 -15%
  • EuroGrille Commercial Rangehood 1500mm Stainless Steel Outdoor Range Hood Canopy
  • Schweigen Silent Undermount Rangehood Silent 900mm (650M3/HR) Stainless Steel UM-PA9S1
    $2,453.00 $2,699.00 -9%
  • Euro Rangehood 520mm Undermount Stainless Steel EP52UMS
    $280.00 $329.00 -15%
  • Schweigen Silent Undermount Rangehood Silent 1200mm (1600M3/HR) Stainless Steel UM-12UMSP
    $3,244.00 $3,569.00 -9%
  • Schweigen Silent Undermount Rangehood 600mm (900M3/HR) Stainless Steel UM1390-6ST
    $1,980.00 $2,179.00 -9%
  • Euro Rangehood 900mm Canopy with Front Black Glass EA90STRS
    $671.00 $789.00 -15%
  • Schweigen Silent Undermount Rangehood 900mm (900M3/HR) Stainless Steel UM1390-9ST
    $2,099.00 $2,309.00 -9%
  • Euro Universal Vent Kit Semi Rigid- Metal Roof RHKMR65EU
    $203.00 $239.00 -15%
  • Devanti 900mm 90cm Range Hood Rangehood Silver
    $129.95 $409.95 -68%
  • Devanti 900mm 90cm Range Hood Rangehood Black
    $113.95 $358.95 -68%
  • Devanti Range Hood 900mm Rangehood Kitchen Stainless Glass Canopy 90cm
    $247.00 $454.95 -46%

Buying guide

Choosing your Range Hood


More the space, more is the CFM you require

Cubic feet per minute or CFM is what you need to first consider when you plan to buy your range hood. Higher the CFM value, more is the air that your range hood can remove from your kitchen in a minute. Depending upon the kind of oven that you have, it is important that you choose your range hood accordingly. For instance, if you have an electric stove, you will need a range hood with 600 CFM and if you have a gas range, the requirement is for a range hood with CFM between 1,000 and 1,200. Basically, you need to divide the BTU (British Thermal Unit) of your cooking appliance by 100 and the result is the CFM you need.


Vented or ducted?

There are two types of range hoods that you can purchase – vented range hoods and ducted range hoods. The former is installed outside your kitchen wall and has smaller exhaust ducts. If you opt for the latter, consider the distance of the ducts from the cooking range. The more the distance, more is the CFM you need in your range hood. Some say that a vented range hood is more efficient. As long as the ducting is done properly, you can opt for either of the two.


Don’t let the fan speed bother you

The fan speed is another important point to consider when you purchase a range hood. In some of the range hoods, the fan speed is manually ajusted and in the others it is automatic. A range hood with automatic fan speed can be more expensive but you're always ensured that the smokes are eliminated properly.

You typically get range hoods with six fan speed ranges. For normal, everyday cooking, a fan speed of 3 is recommended.

Sometimes it also happens that the fan exhausts more air that can be normally replaced. You may want to install a make-up air system to replenish the exhausted air.


Fan noise doesn’t mean you don’t use it

As the fan circulates, it creates sound that is measured in decibels or sones. If your fan is making too much noise for your comfort, the option is not to switch it off. The modern range hoods allow you to place the fan blower in different places and you should look at this option. The standard range hoods have the fan blowers inside their body. There are range hoods that allow you to place the blower in some other place inside the kitchen, or even outside. Again, these models could be more expensive and you should consider the price.


Consider the styles for proper placement

The placement of your range hood is also important and you can choose from the different styles available. There are under the cabinet range hoods and island range hoods and wall-chimney range hoods and ductless range hoods and downdraft range hoods. Find out in detail about these different styles and make your choice depending on the structure of your kitchen.


Which range hoods for which use?


The most popular range hoods are the ones that measure 30 inches. You have some of the top models in range hoods available in this size. Some of the models worth considering are Broan 30" stainless steel range hood, AKDY 30" 760CFM stainless steel wall mount range hood with LED slide touch control and Venmar Connaisseur 30" white range hood.


Consider buying from the top brands in range hoods. This would mean that you will get more in return for the money you spend. Some of the top brands are Bosch, Broan, Cyclone, Electrolux and Venmar. But, not all the models of the top brands are among the best. Consider some of the bestselling models like Cyclone Cy1000r range hood with rear or top output or Cavaliere 30" 280 CFM under cabinet mount stainless steel range hood or Broan 30 in under cabinet mount stainless steel range hood and you should be happy with your purchase.


Downdraft range hoods are not the most common ones, but they are highly effective. These range hoods pull the smoke and fumes downward so that it can be expelled underneath the floor. The models to consider are Bosch 30" downdraft stainless steel range hood, Broan Eclipse exterior blower range hood and Whirlpool 30" retractable downdraft system.

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