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  • MAXKON 3200W Electric Outdoor Infrared Radiant Heater (HL-E76-3200-B)
    $219.97 $599.95 -63%
  • Heller 2400W Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote (CTH5162)
    $99.98 $189.95 -47%
  • Maxkon 2000W Carbon Fibre Infrared Heater Instant Heat Electric Patio Outdoor Strip Heater (STAR2000)
    $189.90 $269.95 -30%
  • Rinnai Dynamo DY15
    $946.00 $1,226.00 -23%
  • Nobo NTE4S07 750W Panel Heater
  • Dyson AM09 Hot Cool Fan Heater
    $529.00 $569.00 -7%
  • Nobo NTE4T07 750W Panel Heater With Timer
  • Nobo NTE4S15 1500W Panel Heater
  • Omega Altise Lancer 15MJ LPG Radiant Convection Heater - Black Marble (OALAFLPBM)
  • Levante by Noirot 2400W Electric Convection Panel Heater LEV1319-8
  • Noirot - Panel Heater - with Thermostat - 1500W (73585)
  • Rinnai Avenger 25Plus Convector Portable Natural Gas Heater AV25PAN
    $1,402.00 $1,972.00 -29%
  • Rinnai Econoheat 850 Unflued Natural Gas Radiant Heater - Platinum Silver (850SN)
  • Rinnai Avenger AV25
  • Rinnai Enduro 13 Unflued LPG Convector Heater - White (EN13L)
  • Rinnai Avenger 25 Convector Portable Gas Heaters (AV25SN3)
  • Dimplex 36-inch Built-in Revillusion Electric Firebox (RBF36-AU)
  • Rinnai Enduro EN13N
  • Omega Altise BRFNGSD Brigadier Natural Gas Radiant Convection Heater
    $689.00 $899.00 -23%
  • Rinnai Granada 252 Unflued Natural Gas Radiant Convector Heater - Platinum Silver (252SN)
  • Kogan Premium 2400W Oil Heater KAHTP24OILA
  • Rinnai 2001 Console Space Natural Gas Heater - Brown (2001CMBN)
  • Noirot - Spot Plus Electric Panel Heater - 2400W (73588T)
  • Nobo 1500W Panel Heater NTL4S15-FS40
    $240.00 $349.00 -31%

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Radiators & Gas Heaters

Radiators and gas heaters are an absolute necessity in cold weather conditions or when the temperature falls to extreme depths. The heating machines and devices are designed and manufactured in such a manner that they deliver thermal conditions so that one can comfortably live in homes and offices. The room heaters can run on electricity, solar energy and gas, etc. Gasoline, propane and kerosene are also used as a fuel to run the radiators and room heaters. Depending upon your convenience and comfort you can select the means on which you want to run or operate your heater. Usually in places that are affected by the extreme cold weather conditions, gas heaters are used and are a popular choice because it is cost-effective and budget friendly. Gas is cheaper than electricity and this is one of the main reasons for the preference given to gas heaters over the electric ones.

The change in trend

In the olden days, houses and offices were insulated with the aid of the fireplace. Today most of the modern housings and office building have replaced the fireplace with indoor heaters that come with the ducts or vent, while some come even without the vents. The gas heaters without the vents or ducts are the more favorable ones because of its ease of use and convenience. Moreover, such room heaters are ecologically friendlier since natural gas or propane is used instead of wood and thereby results in much lower smoke emissions. There is a wide variety of radiators and room heaters available in the market and choosing one particular item is indeed a tedious task. Before you invest your money on any room heater it is always advisable to analyze what kind of heating device you require and then accordingly you should narrow down your options and get the product that suits you perfectly.

Choosing between radiators and gas heaters


Radiator has always been regarded as one of the necessary household items but not the appealing feature of your room. Usually the radiators had a boring and a less appealing look, but that has changed, and with the advancement in technology, radiators have attained a drastic makeover in their overall look and style. Today, they are available in attractive designs and patterns. It is said that electric radiators guarantee 100% efficiency while delivering thermal condition to the house and office even in the extreme cold weather conditions. Since 100% of the heat is consumed by the electric radiator it gets converted into heat and thereby released in the room. You can mount the electric radiators or heaters on the wall and enhance the look and décor of your room. It is no doubt costly as it consumes electricity and at the end of the month you have to pay a hefty electricity bill. But quality radiators are energy efficient and can help you to save money in the long run.

Gas heaters

Portable gas heaters have acquired immense popularity over the past few years because of its portability and the ease of use. The portable gas heaters are so small and light in weight that you can easily carry them from one room to another and even carry them if you are going out for excursions or any outdoor trips. Moreover, the portable gas heaters consume much less electricity than compared to the centrally heating devices. Thus, you can actually save money on electricity bills. It is a cost effective and economic method of heating the room since you are only employing electricity in one particular room. Since the portable gas heater models comes without the vents or ducts they don't emit harmful gas and pollute the environment every time you turn on the heater. Thus, they are environment friendly too.

A word on safety

The most common question that pops up is whether gas heaters and radiators are safe for your home and office? The answer is yes, but you have to make sure that all instructions and guidelines are followed strictly. The gas heater should be of the highest quality to avoid any kind of unwanted accidents like short circuit and fire accidents. Proper maintenance and care should be given to the radiators and gas heaters for its precise and flawless operation and functioning. There are different companies and brands that come up with the manufacturing and supply of the heating devices at variable price rates.


Whatever kind of radiators or room heaters you are planning to purchase it is very important to buy quality items for the optimal functioning and operation. When the gas heaters and radiators are made of the highest quality materials durability is also one of the plus points. These heating devices are available in abundance in the market with variable designs and sizes. The best part about the gas heaters, radiators and all kinds of room heaters are its affordable and pocket friendly price tags.

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