Puzzles and Reflexion

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  • Kandy Toys Rainbow Magic Spring
  • M.Y Pirate Ship Building Bricks (137pcs)
  • M.Y 1000 Building Bricks (Assorted Colours)
  • Wasgij Original 22 Studio Tour
  • 54 Piece Giant Jenga Outdoor Wooden Block Game 86cm
  • Smart Puzzle Glue
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  • 54 Piece Giant Jenga Outdoor Wood Block Game 127cm
  • DC Comics Batman Logo & Collage Double Sided 600pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  • DC Comics Batman Retro Collage 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Our World Floor Puzzle - 24 Pieces
  • Alphabet 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Ridleys
  • Marbles Catchoo 2.0 Velcro Ball Snatch Game (MB-11794)
  • Savana 48 Pce Wood Puzzle in Giraffe Box
  • Holidas Wooden Puzzle
  • Vegetable Puzzle by Classic World
  • Set of 20 Magnets by Nathalie Lete
  • Zoo Puzzle by Classic World
  • Farm Puzzle by Classic World
  • Forest Puzzle by Classic World
  • Vegetable Garden Puzzle by Nathalie Lete
  • Dinosaur Magnets - 20 Pieces
  • Dinosaur 3D Puzzle by Classic World
  • Vehicles Puzzle by Classic World

Buying guide

Most kids love puzzles and reflexion games. However, if you don’t make the right choice, your child may soon lose interest and give up. The internet stores are filled with the best possible puzzles and reflexion games from all the manufacturers. Shop online and you will save money and time.


4003-puzzle-gameWhat to look for in puzzles and reflexion?


Buy puzzles and reflexion according to interest

When it comes to choosing puzzles and reflexion games, you should consider the interest of your child and choose the subject accordingly. Don’t just pick any math puzzle that you come across because your child may not be interested in math. There are enough options available anyway.

Buy puzzles and reflexion according to age

The age of your child should also determine the puzzles for kids that you need to choose. Consideration of age will also allow you to choose the level of complexity that is appropriate for your child. A brain teaser for kids can be available in different levels of difficulty and you should choose right. 

Buy safe to use puzzles

Choose a brain teaser that is made of safe materials. Many children have the habit of putting puzzle pieces in their mouth and they should not be harmed by the puzzle. Also educate your child about the importance of not tinkering with the pieces and just play with them.


How to your choose a puzzle and reflexion according to your need?



Cube puzzles for brain development

A cube puzzle will help your child exercise their brain while also being able to coordinate colours. Give your child a Rubik Cube to solve and they will be engaged for hours. However, these puzzles are not meant for smaller kids because they will not be able to stay interested. A Rubik Cube is not the easiest puzzle anyway.


Building puzzles for hand-eye coordination

Building puzzles and reflexion games are among the most popular throughout the world. Everyone knows the name of Lego but there are many other popular names in block puzzles. Ensure that you research these puzzles before buying.


Balance between entertainment and education

You should balance between entertainment and education when you buy puzzles and reflexion games. This will ensure that your child learns while they have a lot of fun solving the puzzles. You should also ensure that you are present with your child when they solve their puzzles because they may need help from you.


What are the most popular puzzles and reflexion?

The ETHAHE Classic Toy Kid Adult Rubik's Cube Rubix Puzzle is the bestselling Rubik's Cube across online stores in Canada. This puzzle is made of high quality materials and is safe to use.


The Super Value - Magic Speed - Cube Puzzle 4 in One Set - Rubik's Cube Pack of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 - Sticker Speed Edition - Black makes for a great gift. Anyone will be engaged for hours solving it.



The EVA Educational Puzzle Foam Mat Interlocking Alphabet & Number consists of 36 Small Blocks that can be interlocked. It is a great learning tool for children.



There are so many options in puzzles and reflexion games that you are bound to get confused. Read the label for the appropriate age so that you can buy the best possible puzzles for your child. Needless to say, shopping online offers you the most comprehensive list of these games.

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