Nasty People

Nasty People

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The publication in 1989 (Contemporary Books) of Nasty People has led to Dr. Jay Carter’s 13-year mission to help people who are abused, intimidated, put down, and who have lost their self-esteem due to the mocking/manipulative treatment they’ve received from Nasty People. The author speaks to groups of 50 to 150 people 4 to 5 times a week both across the country and internationally, has a Psy.D., ... View more nd writes articles for several magazines, including Mothering, Readers’ Digest and Weight Watchers. Through Dr. Carter’s understanding of behavior and what makes Nasty People nasty, readers learn: – How Nasty People think, what motivates them, and how they should react to them – How to avoid confrontation with a Nasty Boss, while still solving problems in a healthy, efficient manner – How to handle a Nasty spouse, romantic partner, or family member – What to do if you think you might be a Nasty Person – How to break the cycle of nastiness Now 14 years after the original publication of Nasty People, the time is right to update and revise this book, taking advantage of Dr. Carter’s growing platform, and continue the success of Nasty People with a revised edition and updated package and price. This new edition includes: – An Introduction from the author discussing what he’s learned in the last 14 years about Nasty People – Discussion on Nasty People vs. our new understanding of personality disorders – New chapter on narcissism, nasty behavior and self-doubt, nasty people and self-validation and the role adrenaline plays in nasty behavior and our responses to it. – How to stick up for yourself with dignity and pride ... View less


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