Kivi 4 Person Outdoor Finnish Steam Sauna (LSKIVI4OD-HA)

Kivi 4 Person Outdoor Finnish Steam Sauna (LSKIVI4OD-HA)

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Kivi 4 Person Outdoor Finnish Steam Sauna Your dream of having your very own spa can become a reality with the Kivi 4 Person Outdoor Finnish Steam Sauna. Having your own sauna means you save both time and money since there are no expensive membership fees or travel time, simply turn it on and enjoy the good life in the form of delightfully relaxing and invigorating steam sauna, right in the conven ... View more ence of your back yard. This outdoor steam sauna is constructed with solid water FIR wood, the preferred material for outdoor use because of its durability and beautiful craftsmanship. It will make an impressive statement wherever you put it. So go ahead, order yours today and pamper yourself with each and every luxurious and soothing sauna session - in the privacy of your own home and on your time, so you don’t have to rush to the spa during their operating hours. Features: Your dream of having your very own home spa can become a reality! Saves time and money since there are no expensive membership fees or travel time Beautifully sculpted water bucket and ladle included for an enhanced sauna-bathing experience The perfect choice to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle BONUS outdoor cover to protect your investment Heats up within minutes Comes with a high-performance 4.5kw Harvia electric heater with traditional sauna rocks to control the temperature and humidity inside the sauna Heater is equipped with an egg timer that allows the sauna to stay on from 0-4 hours or pre-set it up to 8 hours in advance at which time it will turn on automatically Spacious design with a 4 person capacity Made with incredibly stylish water FIR wood, the material of choice for high-end outdoor sauna cabins Sand timer, explosion proof internal light, thermo-hygrometer Specifically designed for outdoor use No plug included, a certified electrician is required to install the power* C-Tick, CE, RoHS, ETL and TUV certified for your peace of mind Copper buckle system for easy assembly *Due to high power requirements of this unit (4.5kw), an ordinary 10AMP wall outlet will not provide adequate power supply. Proper installation requires the services of a licensed electrician so that the sauna can be wired into your power supply (25AMP socket required) The top 5 of the many benefits of saunas: Detoxify your body - The intense heat of a dry sauna will coax your body to lose toxins Controls weight - Increased perspiration promotes healthy effortless weight loss Manage your pain - Heat therapy is proven to alleviate pain and is great for all types of muscles, bone and pain Increases circulation - When circulation is improved, your body will reap the benefits of improved function Face off illnesses - Infections and virus-based illness can be effectively combated with sauna therapy Floor Plan Amazing Additions The surprising array of extras sets this beauty apart from the others, from the stunning cabin with an interior light, to the powerful 4.5 Harvia electric stove and the tempered glass door and windows. And there’s more…The beautifully crafted water bucket with ladle, which is a sculptural work of art all on its own. Step inside this welcoming cabin, sit down, and prepare to completely let go. You also get traditional sauna rocks, which are placed in the stove, working with electricity to radiate a deep, penetrating heat. This tried-and-true outdoor Finnish steam sauna will bring you years of comfort. The Soothing Ritual of Warmth The ritual of pouring water from the ladle over the rocks is a nice one. It rewards you with the penetrative heat and moisture of a traditional steam sauna, cleansing away your cares, along with your toxins and stiffness. ... View less

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