Lay-Z Spa MIAMI - As seen on TV - Bestseller - Heated Hydro Relaxation - 81 Jet Massage

Lay-Z Spa MIAMI - As seen on TV - Bestseller - Heated Hydro Relaxation - 81 Jet Massage

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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa MiamiOur most popular Lay-Z-Spa for a fantastic price.Comfortably fits 2 to 4 adults.This is our teams pick and happens to be our best-seller. The Lay-Z-Spa Miami is Bestways flagship model and they have worked hard to create the most premium inflatable spa there could be, whilst maintaining the same low price every year. Every year, the Miami spa has had minor improvements added ... View more to it and this year is no exception.This hydrotherapy / hydro-massage helps relax muscles, helps blood circulation, relieves muscular tension and is great for stress management.Easy to setup, a quick inflate time. Adjust the temperature and settings to your liking, up to a max of 40°C, using the Touch Screen Control Panel. Use the automatic on / off timer for extra efficiency and power savings.We've done an extensive comparison of the Bestway brand to the other brands out there as we believe Bestway have made the best inflatable spa in the market. We've tested multiple spas, and here are our findings:The Lay-Z-Spa has 81 extra strong massage jets that move the water just like a built-in spa. Other spas with built-in-pumps sound like a vacuum cleaner: . Listen to the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami, it sounds like a built-in spa: .The extra smooth Tritech exterior gives both a very premium look. But at the same time it's functional, it minimises possibility of accidental rips, as well as keeping the spa from expanding. If you've ever placed a competitors spa side by side, you will see the difference after just one use, other spas start to bulge!The double-welded seams ensure the joints can't tear apart, plus it gives a very clean look. Take a close look at the other branded spas, the seams are two PVC pieces glued together, those resemble an inflatable toy!The Lay-Z-Spa is taller and holds more water than other spas we compared to. More of your body is underwater, rather than just part of your body.The Lay-Z-Spa has thicker soft padded floors for comfort and insulation. We found the competitors to be about half the thickness, you're almost sitting on the floor.Dual filters are each covered with a one way valve. Unlike the other spas that have a single cloth cover filter which means the dirt floats back when you turn the spa off! The Bestway dual filter ensures a cleaner spa, and makes the spa conform to the Mandatory Safety Standards in Australia.10 Reasons you should NOT buy a spa with a built-in pump: Those are not real spas! You are buying a small kids pool that makes weak bubbles! They come with tiny pumps. Heating function is minimal. What sort of pump fits inside a 20cm wall!? Jet function is usually non-existent as it is just a small pump, not real jets. Structure and walls are weak as they accommodate pump mechanism internally rather than I-Beam welding. You are risking safety by placing 240v directly into the wall of the spa. 240v wiring is exposed and far too close to the water. Thin covers that don't insulate well. Requires multiple people to stretch it over the top. Impossible to repair or replace parts for the pump. The control panel can't be accessed whilst you have the cover on. You need to take the cover off each time you want to warm up the spa. No timer function on all the models we checked. Awkward internals when deflated and folding it away, not truly portable! ... View less

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