iSK FPS-1 Fish-Pole Broadcast Microphone Boompole (FPS-1)

iSK FPS-1 Fish-Pole Broadcast Microphone Boompole (FPS-1)

Price : $109.99

Category: Broadcast Microphone Stands

The iSK FPS-1 is a high grade, professional boom pole microphone stand for long distance and location recording. It features a telescopic twist-locking system and a 360-degree swivel mount. High precision tools that are easy to use are a vital part of audio-video production and broadcast, and tools like the iSK Boom Pole Mic Stand will help you achieve the best miking position you require with eas ... View more . The lightweight aluminum structure won't strain your crew's muscles and the long 5-section adjustable range will help you get out of the way of the director's desired camera perspective. Specifications: High precision, high grade, CNC machining techniques, smooth telescoping, easy to use; Lightweight aluminum construction, excellent locking mechanism; Inner-hollow design, port holes for microphone cabling at two ends, can pull on microphone cable according to situation requirement, cable-shielded design; The attached 2pcs of Velcro enable microphone cable to be used outside the pole; Soft rubber hand grip at the end, comfortable for holding; Five section design, the bottom section is fixed and the other 4 sections can be extended loosening/tightening the locking collars one by one when extending/ retracting the stand Standard 5/8"" thread Telescoping Range: 850mm - 3250mm Weight: 880g ... View less

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