Aqua Filter 12L Floor Standing Hot and Cold Water Filter Purifier Dispenser (YLRO.4-4D5)

Aqua Filter 12L Floor Standing Hot and Cold Water Filter Purifier Dispenser (YLRO.4-4D5)

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Please Note We are unable to deliver this product to Norfolk Island 2899 Christmas Island 6798 and King Island 7256. nbspPlease note Change of mind policy is not applicable to this product due to hygienic reasons.nbspAqua Filter - Never Buy Bottled Water AgainnbspAlthough Australia water is generally safe to drink since the treatment plants conforms to applicable quality guidelines however water i ... View more delivered to us through aging pipelines before reaching us which can massively affect the taste and quality of our drinking water.nbspDo you worry about what is lurking in the waters we consume day after day Well worry no more and pick up a Water Filter Dispenser today to experience the clear clean fresh difference. Dont waste your money on expensive bottled water and dont compromise on your health filter your own water and never run out again. These Aqua Filters and Water Purifier are Australia owned and operated support Australia and save the environment by using your own reusable drink water bottle.nbspnbspHave your Filtered Water as accessible as tap water is with this 12L Floor Standing Water Filter. This water filtration system is affordable and convenient just fill up the bottle and place it on the ground and everyone in your house can enjoy crystal clear water. With the ability to produce filtered hot and cold water you can now enjoy the best of cold and hot beverages on this All-in-One Water Filter. Taste the difference of coffee brewed from fresh clean water and dont worry about your children playing with this. Equipped with a child lock on hot water this Hot and Cold Water Filtration System is safe to the boot. This Stand Alone Water Purifier is in a smart slim design built to save space and provide clear water at ease making it perfect for your home or office. Boasting a 5 stage filtration process you can rest assured that this 12L Floor Standing Water Filter is pumping out crystal clear water that is great for you right from your kitchen or wherever you decide to stand this purifier.nbspnbspAqua FilternbspAqua Filter is Australian owned and operated and with their new super Advanced Filtration System you can reassured that the water that is filtered with their products is of high quality. The Aqua Filter consist of a 5 Stage Filtration Process to purify your drinking water to its optimum level.nbspThe first stage the water is filtered through is Activated Carbon which is most effective in removing organic contaminants from water thus improving colour and taste of water.The second step the water filters through Resin which softens the water by removing lead and other heavy metals.The third filter is a Quartz Sand filter. After removing all the lead the remaining suspended solids are removed by this Quarts Sand Filter.The forth step is to neutralize the PH of the water release healthy minerals the body requires by using Red Mineral Stone to stabilise the total water quality.The fifth and final step is to run the water through a Ceramic Filter. The pore size of this filter is small enough to remove virtually all bacteria and protozoa by size exclusion which is in the range known as microfiltration.nbspnbspThrough the 5 stage process the filter removes impurities in the water includingnbspChlorineBacteriaOrganic SedimentRustGermsBad TastenbspThe filter also add important trace minerals required by our bodies includednbspIronZincLithiumMagnesiumPotassiumIodinenbspNote The filters are fitted inside the filtration bottle. To ensure consistent clean fresh water filters should be replaced every 4 months.nbspFor more Aqua Filter Products please click here ... View less

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