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A professional audio system has to be top class because you will not be using it at your home. Well you can, but the neighbors are bound to cause trouble sooner than later. These audio systems become your best friend when you are in the business of broadcasting or piped music or running a recording or a TV studio. A professional audio system can be expensive and hence, you need to watch where your money is going. Read buying guide

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  • Behringer Xenyx 1002B
  • Ableton Push 2 Music Creator (AB-PUSH2)
  • Behringer Xenyx X1204USB
  • Softube Console 1 MKII Audio Mixer (NEK-SFTB_Console1-MKII)
  • Nektar Impact LX61+ USB MIDI Keyboard Controller (NEK-NEKT_LX61+)
  • Nektar Impact LX49+ USB MIDI Keyboard Controller (NEK-NEKT_LX49+)
  • Alctron SC230N Isolated Microphone and Line Signal Splitter (AC-SC230N)
  • 10x Sheets of Cone Acoustic Foam - 2.5m2 - Black (10-FL01)
  • ART DJ PRE 2 Phono Preamplifier (ART-DeeJayPre2)
  • ART SPLITCom Pro Microphone Signal Splitter / Combiner (ART-SPLITCOMPRO)
  • MOEN GEC9 V2 Guitar Pedal FX Switcher - 9 Loop Foot Controller Routing System (MO-GEC9-2)
  • Alctron MA-3 Variable Impedance Microphone Preamplifier (AC-MA-3)
  • Alctron MP100 V2 Hybrid Tube and Solid State Microphone Amplifier (AC-MP100-V2)
  • iCON iKeyboard 4X 37 Note USB MIDI Controller Keyboard (IMA-ICO-IKEYBOARD-4X)
  • iCON AIO6 USB Audio MIDI Device and Control Surface (IMA-ICO-AIO6)
  • DARE A5 1U 2000W 2-Way Power Amplifier (DAR-A5)
  • Alctron MP73X2 Dual Channel Microphone Preamp (AC-MP73X2)
  • ART Pro MPA II 2-Channel Tube Mic Preamp (ART-ProMPA2)
  • AVE ISOWedge-B Acoustic Foam Wedge Panel Burgundy - 10 Pack (AVE-ISOWEDGE-BUR-10PK)
  • PANDA 49-key Professional Studio MIDI Keyboard / DAW Controller (WD-PANDA49)
  • Radial JS2 Mic Splitter - 2 channel XLR Microphone Splitter (RA-JS2)

Buying guide

Choosing your professional audio


Know all about professional audio

There is a reason why the word “professional” is included in the phrase professional audio system. It can be run by someone who has at least some form of training and experience managing this system. Here it is assumed that you know what this audio system is supposed to do and how it is supposed to run. If you are not, then the first recommendation is that you learn about a professional audio system and its various component parts. Otherwise it will rot without doing anything. You need to know about the mixers, speakers, software, microphones and studio monitors.


Mix music with the best mixers

Mixers allow the combination of different recordings to create a stereo mix, which is either on a single or on multiple channels. You also use the mixer to add effects to music. So, you need to figure out whether a particular professional audio system has the number of channels that you require. There are mixers with 48 channels but you may not need such an advanced mixer. Also consider the line-outs and line-ins so that your equipment can be connected with the mixer. Also figure out if you need phantom power for your microphones.


Make sure you have the right recorder

Your recorder plays an important role in your professional audio system because without the recorded sounds, you will be able to do nothing. You have the option to choose between analog and digital recorders. If you are planning to buy a recorder with on-board storage, you need to think about the storage space that you need. If you are planning to purchase digital audio tape recorders, you already get high storage capacity and the advantage of these recorders is that they can be transferred to other decks and also burnt into DVDs.


Your audio software is important

Buying the right kind of audio software is also important and the best option is probably to opt for an application that has sound generators and audio sequencers. The job of the sound generators is to generate sound and the audio sequencers help you to sequence the music tracks and also edit them. When buying a software, choose one that is built for music (if your scene is music). The other option is a software that is used by filmmakers. Also, find out if you can try out the trial versions of the some of the popular software applications so that you know in your mind what to buy when you actually buy an application.


Consider all the elements in microphones

Choosing your microphones is equally important and you need to consider a few elements here. There is the diaphragm size that you need to select between small, medium and large; there are condenser, dynamic and USB microphones for detecting different types of sounds and the direction of the microphones are also to be considered. In terms of direction, choose between omni or bi-directional microphones or cardioid, super cardioid and hyper cardioid microphones.


Last but not the least, the monitors have to be chosen carefully. You have the option to buy active or passive monitors. If you purchase the latter, you will need a separate amplifier.


Which professional audio for which use?


As mentioned above, a professional audio system can be used for multiple purposes. If you want a PA system, there are some excellent choices to consider. The JBL EON206P Portable PA System is considered to be among the best in this category. You can expect crisp and clear announcements on this system.


If you want a system that allows you to be a DJ, a more complicated system is required, something that allows you to mix music and make the entire floor groove and dance. The Korg Electribe 2 DJ Dance EDM Music System should make a great DJ out of you. Another excellent product in this category is Stanton T52B Turntable DJ Belt Drive Deck T-52.


Music mixing is best done when you have a top class mixer with you. Behringer produces some of the finest mixers in the world. Some of the models that you can consider are Behringer X32 Producer, Behringer Eurorack UB502 Mixer and Behringer UB502 5-Input 2-Bus Mixer.


A keyboard controller can also help you make some excellent music. A model that is definitely worth considering in this category is the Akai MPK249 Premium Keyboard Controller.


As far as microphones are concerned, look for products manufactured by SONY, Audio Technica and Yeti. These professional microphones will make you produce great music for your entire audience.

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