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Shure SM58

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Shure SM58 Review

Key features

Shure SM58 is loaded with tonnes of features that make it the ideal microphone for performers. Its robust design allows it to take plenty of rough handling and you continue to get excellent performance from it. It is known for its upper midrange presence peak that is unique to it and the sound that it produces is lively. It is designed to fit your hands perfectly and does not make you feel that you are carrying any load even when you use it for a long time. With its smooth frequency response and tailored vocal between 50Hz and 15KHz, the Shure SM58 wireless microphone is a dream for any sound enthusiast.


The Shure SM58 is an award-winning microphone that has among the most buyers in the world. It has been a reliable microphone for years and continues to wow those who are interested in recording the best possible music. It can be used in your home studio as well as during outdoor performances thanks to the enamel coated construction and steel mesh grille. The Shure SM58 is one of the most durable microphones in the world and can take a lot of abuse. When you do a comparison between Shure SM58 vs Sennheiser E835, this is one point where Shure trumps its competitor. There are design elements in this microphone that make it effective: it has been performance tested for industry standards and has passed the tests with flying colours. The Shure SM58 frequency response is between 50Hz and 15KHz and this means that you get excellent recording all the time with brightened midrange and proximity effect control with bass roll off. The cardioid polar pattern of this microphone ensures that unwanted background noise is effectively reduced or removed during recordings. The mic weighs only 298 grams and this makes it a handy microphone to carry for longer time. It can be mounted on a pneumatic shock mount system that removes vibrations and mechanical noises.

Is this product mono or stereo microphone ?

The Shure SM58 is a stereo microphone with excellent features built into it for producing magnificent sound. Whether you are performing live, on stage or recording your work, this microphone will let you record the audio as it is, without distortions and unwanted background noise.

Does it need a battery ?

There are batteries that are required for you to operate the Shure SM58 microphone. However, the battery consumption of this mic is not very high and this allows the batteries to run for longer periods of time.

Conclusion: should I buy it ?

The Shure SM58 may be loaded with features but yet it is highly affordable. Its price is CAD130 and it is a bargain for any buyer. It is a microphone that professionals prefer and it does not come as a surprise that Shure has won a couple of awards for microphone. You do not have to be a professional performer to own a Shure SM58, it is a mic that you can use for all purposes. There is a reason why this microphone is one of the highest selling ever.

  • Pros:
    Excellent frequency response durable and handy and produces excellent recordings
  • Cons:
    Not much to be spoken about
Our score:
5 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Shure SM58 is manufactured by Shure and was added in December 2014 in the Microphones section
  • This product has a rating of 5.0 out of 5
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