Sennheiser RS-120

Sennheiser RS-120

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    Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones (SNRS1209)

Sennheiser RS-120 Review

?The Sennheiser RS-120 is a mid-range wireless supra aural headphone system for use with Wi-Fi and TV. It is fitted with an “Easy Recharge” function so you can conveniently recharge the included headphone batteries. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable, with thick padding on the headband and enclosing the ears. It can receive transmission as far as 120 ft from the base station, including through walls, so can be worn throughout the home, although interference from other RF devices can be an issue. The RS-120 is meant to free you from being physically tied to the source of your listening material, through the use of wireless technology to deliver the audio from the source to your ears. The wireless headphone comes with nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries, which are known for their longer lifespan, lack of memory effect, fast charging, and ability for partial charging. To start charging, just hang the headphones on the metal rack of the transmitter base unit. No need to grapple with power cords. The base unit can even be mounted on a wall, if you prefer. The over-the-ear style headphone unit has been designed in such a way that they can only fit comfortably on the head when positioned the correct way. This ensures that the appropriate audio stream is delivered to the correct ear. The head band has three padded sections arranged across the top while the swivel mounted earpieces are well padded for a comfortable fit. Separate controls are located on each earpiece. On the left you will find the on/off switch while the right earpiece has control wheels to adjust tuning and the volume level. A battery compartment for the two AAA batteries that power the headphones is also on the left earpiece. When setting up the kit make sure that the transmitter is connected to a power and audio source. The headphones will be able to pick up a signal if the transmitter is only connected to either power or audio source but the quality will be distorted by static and it will not be the audio you might expect. With both power and audio connections established you just need to make a minor adjustment to the tuning to get the optimum signal for your listening pleasure. You can also adjust the volume setting. The range of the wireless capability of this unit was rated by Sennheisern at being up to 100 meters. Tests that were used to give this figure were based on an open environment or one that contained no walls or obstructions between the source and destination. When in operation in a home, static began to intrude on the signal 24 meters away from the transmitter. The signal had to travel through several walls therefore reducing the signal strength hence causing this problem. Keeping within the 24 meters produced a good clear signal with excellent audio quality. The Sennheiser RS-120 is quite simple to use and proper signal can be received throughout home, which automatically enhances the quality of the audio. It can be a good buy, if you are in need of high quality wireless headphones at an affordable price.
  • Pros:
    Easy To Use Sound Quality Is Good Very Easy Charging Affordably Priced
  • Cons:
    Volume And Tuning Controls Are Too Close Together Signal Not As Strong As Rated
Our score:
4 / 5

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  • The Sennheiser RS-120 is manufactured by Sennheiser and was added in December 2014 in the Headphones section
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