OtterBox iPad Defender Series Case

OtterBox iPad Defender Series Case

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    Otterbox Defender Series Case for Apple iPad Air - Black

    Provides protection against drops, bumps, dust and scratches (Genuine Otterbox Accessory)

OtterBox IPad Defender Series Case Review

The Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case lets anybody feel ease and peaceful more than ever before. That is basically because the iPad Defender has got a huge potential most especially when providing the unmatched security for the original iPad. Physically, there is nothing too drastic about the looks of it. Probably, this may be judged as rather too simplistic and not possessing anything that really stands-out.


However, if you try to really get into it and look at it on another man’s perspective, you will definitely notice the functionality more so than just how it looks. The people behind the Otterbox are not as creative geniuses as they are when talking about art or sophistication. However, they truly shine when talking about how minimalist and modern they make their cases.


Technically, what it does is to make the iPad drop-proof so no matter how frequently you drop it, you will always have the assurance that it’s not going to be torn into pieces. The reason why the Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case is considered as one of the most celebrated protector cases is the fact that they have consistently made something that is both decent and trust-worthy.


Not only does it lengthen the usability of the iPad, it also preserves the quality of its exterior as it covers it with the very innovative protective case. Although it may not have the design which considers it a waterproof case, and may not be completely compared to more high end cases, the Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case is still outstanding in its own way.


You may have to know head on that this one is not as lightweight as the others and may come across as bulky. It’s probably because of its high quality performance. Come to think of it, if you have something that is not that bulky but does not even give much protection, then what is it for? The design of the Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case pretty means what it is like to have something that can be so flexible that using its ports does not necessarily mean removing the protector. The features are still made to be pretty available even when the case is on. This just ensures that you won’t be having minor inconveniences prior to charging, plugging the earphones, and things like that.


Installing it is hassle-free and basically because if you compare it with other cases you will see how this does not come to their level just yet. This iPad case is not just compatible for the iPad but it can even fit the 2nd generation as they pretty much have the same exterior. This is what makes the Defender Series Case absolutely cost-effective.


Overall, the Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case is a very nice unit that tends to simplify the physical attributes of the iPad while still allowing it to have the very captivating appeal outwardly and inwardly. So if you want to invest in something that is both practical and lavish then you’ve found the one.

  • Pros:
    Well Made Highly Durable Sturdy Practical Useful Stand
  • Cons:
    Quite Bulky Lessens the Ultra High Resolution of Screen Could be Improved
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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  • The OtterBox iPad Defender Series Case is manufactured by Otterbox and was added in December 2014 in the iPad Cases section
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