Oricom Secure Baby Monitor SC700

Oricom Secure Baby Monitor SC700

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    Oricom Secure 700 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor (SC700)

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    Oricom Secure 700 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Baby Monitor


Oricom Secure Baby Monitor SC700 Review

Many parents especially young parents would like to always keep an eye on their child or children especially at night. The Oricom Secure SC700 video baby monitor is one of the best baby monitors that one can get on the markets.


This baby monitor is superior in so many aspects and would serve you just the way you expect it to serve you. Nonetheless, just like any other devices, the Oricom Secure SC700 also has its own shown shortcomings that we are also going to look at in detail. However, first of all let us look at the build quality and design. The Oricom Secure SC700 video baby monitor is small compact and stylish. It looks like a sophisticated toy and you can be sure that it wouldn’t scare your child away but rather attract him or her. The hard plastic casing ensures good protection of the other internal components and thus in case it falls down, there is no risk of damage.


Generally, this video baby monitor looks great and would not disappoint you when you compare it with other kinds of baby monitors. The most popular kinds of baby monitors on the markets are the sound baby monitors. However, the Oricom Secure SC700 does not only support sound but also supports video. This means that you will be able to keep an eye on your child on a twenty four hour basis. For sound baby monitors, they only give a warning sound or beep to the parents in case the child is crying or it detects any kind of sound. We all know that this is very effective as at times a child may wake up and get to some kind of mischief without making even a sound. In this case, a video baby monitor such as the Oricom Secure SC700 would be very helpful.


When you using the Oricom Secure SC700 video baby monitor you have to place it at a strategic position so that the camera captures the baby cot accurately. Then you will have a monitor on your room that shows real time video of what is happening to your child. There is also the video and sound setting which is also a very big advantage when using this video baby monitor. When the video and sound setting is turned on, you will not only receive real time images of what is happening to your child; but you will also get notification in case your child is making any noises or movements. This makes the baby monitor more efficient to use.


There are some shortcomings which emerged when using this video baby monitor. First of all, the camera angle is not wide enough and thus there is some challenge getting images from the baby’s cot. The camera is only able to capture a small angle and thus in case the child moves out of that angle you may not be able to see where they are. Nonetheless is a good video baby monitor that is worth your money.

  • Pros:
    good quality real time images excellent video and sound setting
  • Cons:
    narrow camera angle quite expensive
Our score:
4 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Oricom Secure Baby Monitor SC700 is manufactured by Oricom and was added in December 2014 in the Baby Monitors section
  • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
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