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Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
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Nintendo 3DS Review

From smaller to bigger, that is what the Nintendo 3DS is all about. Aside from going big, the Nintendo 3DS is the first in its class and industry to feature glasses free 3D viewing. This means that you can play 3D games and movies on your gaming device without the need for 3D glasses.


First thing to notice about the Nintendo 3DS is the size, weight and shape of it. It looks similar to the company’s DS lines which really is part of. Since this is part of the Nintendo DS line, this features the same clamshell design only bigger. It has the same looks in terms of dual screens, where the bottom screen is touchscreen and the top screen displaying 3D images. The layout of the buttons and the D-pad is the same as the original DS. In short, what you are getting is a grown up version of the Nintendo DS injected with 3D technology.


The top screen where the 3D technology is is much larger than its counterpart at the bottom at 3.53 inches to the 3.02 inch bottom screen. However, both screens are in 24 bit color. The control pad including the buttons is okay to press. It doesn’t feel as responsive as one might expect. It may be a bit hard to press but overall it feels okay.


There are two things that first draw attention to the Nintendo 3DS: its size and its ability to play 3D games without the use of specialty made 3D glasses. Since people are used to seeing 3D images with 3D glasses, the question will be how can it be done and will it work. The answer? It does work. The Nintendo 3DS really can show images from 3D games. And that it can be properly viewed with really no 3D glasses.


The Nintendo 3DS uses a unique technology called “Parallax Barriers”. This technology uses a filter that is applied over the normal display and uses slits to take two separate images for each of your eyes. This in turns form a stereoscopic image which is actually the 3D image itself. The technology and its theory behind it are impressive so does its execution. The problem is that you must remain a stationary position in order to get that full 3D effect.


Another quirk of using this device is that you can’t fully enjoy the 3D experience due to the fact that the screen is too small for such activity. You might as well hold it directly in front of your face just to see the 3D image on your device. It works but you have to remain close and keep the device at a certain distance in order to see 3D.


The Nintendo 3DS is a groundbreaking mobile gaming device where being bigger is better. It has a bunch of extra features that makes this an almost complete entertainment media. The inclusion of 3D technology has raised the bar in not only in mobile game but also within the video game industry as well.

  • Pros:
    3D technology Preloaded software Many features
  • Cons:
    Battery life needs to be improved 3D technology can be improved
Our score:
4 / 5

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