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Nikon D4 Review

Shoot pictures with speed and clarity using the Nikon D4. The Nikon D4 is a camera where things have been improved and made even better. Proof of this is the performance and quality of the product itself.


This camera is more than impressive as it has a lot of nifty and improved features like a better high resolution sensor, a more flexible video, fast continuous shooting and a lot more that will be explained sooner. This camera has a 16 MP CMOS sensor at full frame, 1080p full HD video, 3.2 inch LCD and has an ISO 100-102. When looking at this camera back where most of the controls, menu and LCD screen are, it doesn’t look cramped and that everything is designed to be harmonious to each other thus you can move your finger freely and comfortably.


When looking for a camera, before beauty, it is important to note on how well the photo will be taken. Will it be good or bad? With the Nikon D4, it’s good. Photo quality is better than one would expect. It’s clean, flush with color, bright and much better looking. You can see your photos in much detail when shooting with this camera. This camera is simply a powerful device to have in which novices may get a bit using to and will work well with those for photographers and professionals.


The Nikon D4 is Nikon’s first full frame DSLR camera meaning it’s just a perfect companion for photography at the highest level. This camera is capable of shooting images at maximum continuous speed. Some might feel that this camera is underpowered due to some of its specifications like it sensors. However, this camera still can handle what you want to shoot. This camera really does works well when shooting moving or living images. It is also capable of shooting images at full high resolution.


The Nikon D4 has a lot of updated features like its sensors, autofocus system, and a redesigned shutter among others that makes this camera a joy to have compared to its cousins. They are good but this camera manages to make more improvements that make this camera a pretty good experience. There are also some new specs included in the camera like its internal metering system. Shooting images is not the only thing improved with the Nikon D4 but also on how you record videos using this camera. If that is not impressive enough, this camera also has a dedicated jack for the microphone with 20 audio settings, a headphone jack with real time monitoring of sound levels and be able to link your camera to a TV or monitor as a live feed using HDMI connectivity.


You can even use this camera and connect directly to the internet although you have to have the optional WiFi transmitter which you need to buy separately. There is also the wired way thanks to its Ethernet port and dongle. The Nikon D4 is nothing short of powerful and well suited for being used by a professional. Its features are superb and outstanding. These improvements actually really make this camera a joy to use.

  • Pros:
    Performance is good well built quality many improvements
  • Cons:
    A bit expensive
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Nikon D4 is manufactured by Nikon and was added in December 2014 in the Digital Cameras section
  • This product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5
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