Microsoft Xbox Controller

Manufactured by Microsoft

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  • comfortable and practical gadget
  • solid battery life
  • amazing wireless capability
close the bad
  • quite costly
  • lacks motion-sensitive innovation exhibited by Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii controllers

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Microsoft Xbox Controller Review

Key features

  • Left and right analogue sticks and triggers
  • Black and white face buttons and control pad
  • White synchronisation button on controller-top


Microsoft's initial venture into the console market with Xbox was quite some learning experience for them. No greater evidence of this exists than how the system's controller has evolved. The initial Xbox controller produced was an oversize mess, with its buttons shaped and placed in odd manner. The original controller however got replaced approximately halfway through the console's lifespan, being replaced with Controller S. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller improves upon the design of the earliest version.

How is the design ?

The Xbox 360 Controller borrows quite a number of design aspects from Controller S. They include right and left analogue sticks and triggers, control pad as well as face buttons, which are all present within the same spots and constructed in rather similar fashion. The buttons for start and Back have been shifted to the centre and flank the new guide button that can turn the system on remotely. You can gain access of your gamer card at any moment using this functionality. The buttons of black and white colour which were placed awkwardly below face buttons have been removed from the older controller. Left and right bumpers take their place instead, being found atop the controller and in front of triggers. A small white button for synchronization lies atop the controller and facilitates communication in-between your controller and an Xbox 360 console. These slight changes have led to an almost perfect design. The Xbox controller is a superb option for playing Xbox 360 games.

What is the overall performance ?

The performance of the Microsoft Xbox Controller is amazing and beats even the wireless wares of Nintendo and Logitech. Response time measures evenly with that of other wireless controllers released in the past. The controller responds just as well as its wired counterparts, except for the guide button that takes several seconds longer to synchronise wirelessly. Force feedback is rather strong yet not to the extent realized by wired controllers. The Xbox 360 controller for Windows offers gamers universal and consistent gaming experience across both the gaming systems of Microsoft, Xbox and Windows XP. Microsoft Xbox controller distinguishes itself from its competition owing to its ability of connecting multiple controllers all at once. Other controllers need multiple dongles along with manually chosen frequencies. However, each of the wireless controllers of Xbox 360 synchronise with the console following pressing of the guide button. The guide-button’s quadrant which corresponds to the number lights of a player lights up once connected.


The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is an expensive first-party controller, but is easily the best of its kind too. It’s priced at about $50, which is roughly $10 above the cost required for acquiring the wired controller. The wireless controller comes in only one colour presently and accepts two AA batteries or a friendly Xbox 360 rechargeable battery pack that is more environment-friendly. Expect this controller to last for between 15 and 20 hours in-between recharging or replacing its battery. 

  • The Good :
    comfortable and practical gadget, solid battery life, amazing wireless capability
  • The Bad :
    quite costly, lacks motion-sensitive innovation exhibited by Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii controllers
Our score:
4 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Microsoft Xbox Controller is manufactured by Microsoft and was added in December 2014 in the Retro Controllers section
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