Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Review

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller is known for giving all time gamers and playing experts just the right type of carefully made controller. This will provide game fanatics the comfortable feel whenever they are on intense games as it will provide them with the easiest way to win – having a great, responsive controller. Not only that, this Xbox controller will allow users to be more into the gaming scenario as the Microsoft is sure to give you the taste of what it is like to be in the game yourself as it vibrates whenever an intense happening is taking place on the game itself.


The Xbox 360 controller works on tons of various applications and game consoles but then again it does not necessarily mean that it will work for every kind of game. It is somewhat a disappointment for those who wanted to use it for aircraft gaming etc. Still, nonetheless, you have to specify clearly to the sales person if the particular gaming collection you have is suitable and compatible with it. The Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller is really easy to use and much easier to install. It has buttons and control sticks which are accurate and reads easily the command you ask it to do. So, if you are sick and tired of the mouse and the keyboard which seems to give you less happiness and does not bring out the best in your gaming experience, then you should really get this one. On the drawback, this controller somewhat has a lot of added weight in comparison to the PS3 and other controls. Nonetheless, the heaviness does not affect its performance and can still be played at its best.


It also comes with a cord which is long enough for the player to sit from a long distance without the function being at risk. One thing to note is that you should consider giving it prior time for it to adjust to your grip and make your hands feel at ease on it. For sure you will feel uneasy at first and will make you uncomfortable but then, the more you use it, the more your hands feel relaxed on handling it.


The Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller does not only work for the Xbox, it will also work amazing on a personal computer. This controller has nothing so special for it to be on top of the Xbox 360 legacy. But, what makes it really worth having is its simplicity yet consistent functionality. However, there is something that may or may not be experienced on the controller you get. Some consumers have experienced the controller having to work perfectly for about an hour and then started to get squeaky and noisy whenever pushed. That problem is evident on the left analog stick as it can get hard to manage. The Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller is much faster and easier to manage than those latter versions. It has a much affordable price it is portable and yet solid. In totality, there is really not much to say aside from the fact that it is awesome.

  • Pros:
    Sleek design; Responsive; Solid durable build; Easy to use
  • Cons:
Our score:
5 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller is manufactured by Microsoft and was added in December 2014 in the Xbox 360 Controllers section
  • This product has a rating of 5.0 out of 5

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