Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
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Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Review

The Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium is the operating system which has been specifically innovated in order to fit the bill of those connecting a home network. It does not only allow you to edit, share, and create files or documents, it also gives you the ability to compile all of your photos, music, or videos. Watching them over and over again, rewinding, or pausing them is also not such a big deal as you can do all these even for television shows. The backup setting it comes with is made to be much stronger and efficient. The Windows Media Centre of the Windows 7 Home Premium allows you to watch TV online whenever and wherever just as long as there is an available internet connection.


Through that, you get to watch movies and play games that are actually high definition. What’s pretty impressive about the Home Premium is that it works like magic as it is not that hard to use. It doesn’t even need a genius to make it work as the way to navigate it is just basic. Most people say that the Microsoft team got it right this time most especially with how disappointing its predecessor is such as the Windows Vista Ultimate. What people could expect with this one is its accuracy when responding to input tasks. Like for example, when you turn it on, you will notice how easy it powers up or how quick it shuts off. These are just minor upsides for the Home Premium.


The way it installs data or downloads things is very impressive as well. It does not even take much time. However, this may be a bad thing as you might end up getting something like a virus accidentally. Good thing there is the automatic virus protection to interfere with the latter. Doing tasks like dragging, minimizing, maximizing, copying, and other tasks have never been more fuss-free. The Home Premium focuses on making everyone feel as free to do anything as can be. There are drawbacks to it though, just like some say that the other parts of the Windows 7 Home Premium are not as polished when compared to older releases like the Windows XP. It’s like even though some areas have been improved there are still those that have been neglected, if not made worse. On the other hand, you still want to note that this upgrade can be quite challenging to deal with.


The User Account Control is pretty helpful but it can be confusing at times as when updates are provided, it does not automatically take place and the person needs to confirm it first before it proceeds. It seems as if they have already eradicated the previous problem concerning the Vista such as the constant hardware upgrades. Overall, if you are looking for the entry level operating system, which will take good care of your files. Yes, it’s true that the newest taskbar and the other features such as the Aero Peek will need some familiarisation, the moment you get used to it, you will absolutely love it.

  • Pros:
    Productive Easy to install Responsive Speedy Backwards Compatibility
  • Cons:
    Requires Clean Install Some Features Not Installed By Default Expensive
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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