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Kobo Touch
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Kobo Touch Review

Touch based products are common nowadays. Ebook readers are also in the touch screen craze, and the Kobo Touch had embraced it to the fullest.


In a market dominated by tablet PCs and Amazon, the Kobo Touch manages still to find its way around. The Kobo Touch is nothing to scream about for it serves one purpose and that purpose is to be able to let you read ebooks. And to tell the truth, it does the job well. It wouldn’t hurt to know that the Kobo Touch is different from other ebook readers due to its design and looks. Speaking of looks, one distinguishing factor of the Kobo Touch is its design at the back. Some might squirm or be turned off, but the back of the Kobo Touch is a quilted back that is soft to the touch. It only is not for decorative purposes as it makes reading using the Kobo Touch much more comfortable. Thankfully, it is not as colorful but it does come in different colors.


The Kobo Touch sports a 6” Pearl eInk screen, a pocket size design, a physical home screen button, optimal SD slot and USB connection. Battery life can last up to a month depending on your reading habits. It also features a virtual keyboard. The Kobo Touch also features a variety of fonts to choose from to make reading more comfortable to the eyes. The Kobo Touch is a pretty good ebook reader. Kobo claims that it is like a real book when using the Kobo Touch. However, as far as I know, you can instantly flip or turn the pages of an actual book immediately and quickly. The Kobo Touch lags when you attempt to swipe the screen in attempt to move to the next page. Waiting is not an option when all you want is to read and let your mind fly away in the words in the pages.


And unlike an actual book where you can hold in one hand rather comfortably, the Kobo Touch feels awkward when holding it in one hand as it feels kind of heavy. The Kobo Touch supports a large variety of ebook files like those in EPUB, PDF or Adobe DRM. It also has a built in ebook store. However, 6” may be a tad small when reading PDF ebooks in the Kobo Touch.


It is tolerable as you can zoom in and out but why suffer when your eyes and comfort is at risk? It also has a web browser that is sluggish at times. Aside from ebooks, you can also read newspapers or magazines with the Kobo Touch. The selection is just sparse. In an attempt to make reading fun (I guess), the Kobo Touch features Reading Life, a feature that tracks your reading progress and gives out awards for achievements earned. You can also sync the Kobo Touch to your smartphone if you have the Kobo app installed in it. The Kobo Touch is more than a decent ebook reader even if it is a hit and miss on some aspects. It is a product worth taking a chance as an alternative ebook reader.

  • Pros:
    Lightweight Integrated ebook store Long battery life
  • Cons:
    Plain interface Performance can be improved
Our score:
4 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Kobo Touch is manufactured by Kobo and was added in December 2014 in the E-readers, eBook Reader section
  • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5

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