Kinect Sports (Xbox 360)

Kinect Sports (Xbox 360)
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Kinect Sports (Xbox 360) Review

Kinect Sports is essentially Microsoft’s take on the ever-popular sport compilations like the Wii’s Wii Sport and PS3's Sports Champions. A high-tech accessory that lets you use your body and voice to control game, with no need for a controller in your hands at all. Kinect Sports offers a collection of six team-based and individual sports games: soccer, bowling, beach volleyball, table tennis, boxing, and track & field.. Each game has various challenges and rewards, plus there are multiple modes to choose from. What sets this apart from all of the other motion-sports titles is its support for full body control. All the other games in this genre utilize hand movements with controllers, but since the Kinect is a controller-free device, players get to take part in the game using their entire body. The fact that the Kinect tracks every movement your body makes is what separates Kinect Sports from other casual sports games, something that simply can’t be done on the Wii or PS3. When starting up the game the first thing that everyone needs to be sure of is that they have room. The minimum amount of space required is about six feet from the camera. However, if you want two-players you’re going to need a couple extra feet. Aside from the six sports included on the Kinect Sports disc: Soccer, Bowling, Boxing, Table Tennis, Volleyball, and Track and Field. There are also 16 mini-games that are based off of the sports, but even though the challenges are based on the same sports they are totally different experience to play. Each sport utilizes different types of movement, as you would expect, but some actually require physically moving around the room while others have you perform actions while standing in one spot. One great feature is the leveling system. Your level goes up with every game or mini-game that you play and informs you of just how great of an athlete you are. Regardless of which sport you play, the action is captured fairly well by the Kinect, but it’s not perfect. Motions with your hands like throwing and punching are better captured on the Wii Remote Plus or PlayStation Move. Another downside,is the lag factor, it takes the game and Kinect a bit long to register the player’s movements. It is understandable for tech this new to have a few hiccups and it’s easy to get the hang of, but it’s certainly a mild inconvenience. Even with the few faults that Kinect Sports has it is one of the better games Rare has released in a long time, and is a must-own for any Kinect entrepreneur.
  • Pros:
    Easy Fun Lots Of Games
  • Cons:
    Slow Lack Of Control
Our score:
4 / 5

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