Intel Core i7-2700K

Intel Core i7-2700K
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Intel Core I7-2700K Review

The Intel Core i7-2700K is a quad-core processor which has a max turbo frequency of 3.9 and an Intel Smart Cache of 8 MB. This has a socket which is made from LGA 1155 which are all approximate for the excellent stability and overclocking build quality of the device. This processor somehow may not increase the performance and quality of your gaming experience even though it has an overall increased performance for the computer. It has the following features such as the 3.9 Max Turbo frequency, the 8MB Intel Smart Cache, LGA 1155 Socket, among others. This CPU is wonderful most especially for people who does not have the urge of doing overclocking or is just plain lazy to make the effort. The Intel Core i7-2700K runs perfectly smooth and has default clock which is already set so high so it will be inappropriate to overclock it already. However, on the bad side, it has the tendency to run very hot and may not be able to get handled by the liquid cooling technique. The difference between the Intel Core i7-2700K and its predecessor the 2700 is its ability to have more tolerance over heavier loads compared to the much lighter nature of the latter. The Intel Core i7-2700K has a hyperthreading solution and can very well handle those crucial 4-dimensional projects as well as those needing some high definition video editing and a lot of commercial database recordings of such. The quality provided by the i7 is superb as it allows you to do all the desires of your heart when it comes to your personal entertainment satisfaction. But then again, it will always be a case of practicality most especially on our modern times when a lot of people are still considering necessity over wants. The Intel Core i7-2700K is more of in the “want” part as it offers to help you with most things you do such as video encoding, compressing, audio encoding, video editing and more. It is so much like the embodiment of an overall CPU intensive. So in totality, if the Intel Core i7-2700K fits your needs, then don’t think twice, it’s alright.
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Product Description

  • The Intel Core i7-2700K is manufactured by Intel and was added in December 2014 in the Processor (Intel, AMD) section
  • This product has a rating of 4.9 out of 5

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