HTC 10 32GB

HTC 10 32GB
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HTC 10 32GB Review

HTC has been having a rough time for the past few years. Their revenue has been spiraling downwards and the financial results that they’ve posted show a loss of 64%. That was for the first quarter of 2016 and that was before the launch of their flagship, the HTC 10. HTC is trying to change into a small and efficient company that releases phones which sell. The first step towards this move is the HTC 10 and it is a move in the right direction. The company has already seen a 4% increase in terms of revenue after the release of the flagship and the phone is a complete package.


The HTC 10 features an all metal build with chamfered edges
The HTC 10 features an all metal build with chamfered edges

There was a time when HTC offered phones with great build quality and a price tag that was lower compared to most of the other counterparts. But somewhere down the line, they lost their sheen to the Chinese invasion of cheap smartphones with high-end specs. But the thing that stood out were HTC’s flagships. HTC One M7 and M8 set the standard for flagships with their amazing build quality, performance and audio experience. The HTC One M9 failed to impress and had issues with performance, battery life and design.

But this review is all about their latest flagship. It is a big step in a totally different direction and HTC has come up with a brand new design compared to their previous flagships. This review will look into each and every aspect of the phone, starting from the design all the way to its software. So let’s get started!


Amazing new design and stellar build quality

The first thing that you notice about the HTC 10 is its design. It doesn’t have the conventional design of the previous HTC flagships. The HTC One M7, M8, and M9 looked absolutely similar to each other. The HTC 10 is completely made out of metal and even though it is slightly chunky, the well-rounded phone is easy to hold. The most striking feature of the design is the chamfered edges that go around the phone. It shines brightly when light strikes on it and it is absolutely gorgeous.


Simply mesmerizing build quality and comes in 4 different colors
Simply mesmerizing build quality and comes in 4 different colors

Display and Hardware are excellent

The phone flaunts a 5.2-inch display which seems to be the choice of some of the other flagships like the Honor 8, Huawei P9 and the Zenfone 3 Max. HTC has not shied away from putting in a QHD panel for the phone. This ensures a humongous pixel density of 565 pixels per inch. The display is amazing when viewed indoors, but take it outside and it is a bit dim. The brightness is not up to the mark.

Under the hood of the HTC 10 is the SoC that has been the go to choice for almost all the flagships of 2016. Yes, it is the Snapdragon 820 and it is coupled with an ample 4GB of RAM. Multitasking is smooth as butter and there is no lag during the day to day usage with even tons of apps in the background.

On the software side of things, HTC’s UI, Sense 8, is one of the best out there. There are a lot of customizable skins available and it delivers a stock Android experience with customization as well. The phone comes with 32GB and 64GB of internal storage, but the one thing that will impress anyone is the inclusion of the storage slot. Storage can be further expanded up to a whopping 256GB via microSD.

Camera quality is just stellar

On paper, the phone has a great camera. While taking photos or videos, the results are clearly visible. The phone has an UltraPixel 2.0 camera which is basically a 12MP sensor and f1.8 aperture. There is also Optical Image Stabilization, laser autofocus and a dual-tone LED flash, which are all great additions. In well-lit conditions, the phone performs exceptionally well. In some situations, the camera fails to capture all the details, but it is still a worthy contender. Both the HTC 10 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 scores a really high 88 on DxOMark, but the S7 is slightly better.



Speakers and Audio Output

The HTC One flagships were very famous for its front facing dual speakers. These speakers were one of the best in the market. But in the new phone, they have a new design for the speakers as well. There are two speakers, but one is facing downwards and one is facing outwards. While watching videos, this might be a bit of an issue and the user’s hand might muffle the speaker facing downward.


HTC is back in the game with the HTC 10

The sound quality is nowhere near what we’ve seen on the previous HTC One flagships. The output is pretty soft but in terms of quality, it is good enough. If you’re an audiophile, you can plug in your high-end headphones which can be driven with the high-quality DAC present within the phone.


Long Lasting Battery and Superfast Fingerprint Scanner

The large 3,000mAh battery will easily last through the day. It has great standby time and it won’t make you run for your charger all the time. There is a fingerprint scanner embedded on the home button and it is very responsive. It is faster than most of the other handsets, but slightly slower compared to the one on Apple and Huawei handsets.


HTC 10 is a monster of a flagship from HTC and the company seems to have found the right formula at last. It combines amazing build quality with stellar performance to bring users a great experience overall. The Sense 8 UI is one of the best ones out there, offering a near stock Android experience with lots of customization. The audio output through the headphones takes you to another world with the super quality DAC. Overall, HTC has brought out a great phone and their revenue has just climbed 4% after the release of this one.


  • Pros:
    Amazing new design and superb build quality UltraPixel 2.0 camera takes excellent shots and video Sense 8.0 UI is one of the best UIs out there
  • Cons:
    Speaker output is a bit soft,The QHD display is great but lacks brightness
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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