Gigaset A510 IP

Gigaset A510 IP
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Gigaset A510 IP Review

The GIGASET A510 IP Line IP Phone is a Siemens product which is light weight, compact and easy to carry around. This is an HD sound DECT model that is compatible with both analog and VoIP lines. The dual connectivity and the advantage of being able to handle 3 calls simultaneously make this phone very versatile and efficient.


This phone which comes with convenient storage options has an exceptional HD sound with no disturbance or distortion. If you want to experience convenient calling with a cordless device, then the Gigaset IP phone is a versatile phone that has the ability to make phone calls up to 3 parallel cells. The phone calls can be made either through the internet or through a traditional landline. If the user wishes to switch between 2 lines, this can be easily done with the touch of a single button. The overall display is simple and user friendly.


Multi-calling is another added feature in this phone which enables the user to register up to 6 different Gigaset handsets in the phone. One can also choose up to 6 SIP profiles, all from different providers. The voice clarity of the GIGASET A510 IP is perhaps the most talked about feature since the HD sound enables crystal clear communication. The hands-free function lets you talk while doing other tasks as well. The display screen on the phone is 1.8” and is black and white. Other features include caller ID, phonebook which can include 150 entries, and ECO DECT – a smart energy saving service. This phone uses NiMH battery and has a MWI support. It however does not have an integrated Bluetooth device. The Codec support provided in this device is G.711 u/a law, G.722, G.726, G.729 a/b.


Some of the other benefits of this phone include integrated e-mail notifications, weather forecasts, and other social media services like RSS feeds from your favourite websites, which get reflected onto your handsets screensaver. And this feature stays active even if your computer is turned off. The phonebook has a search option which lets you locate the telephone number quickly and without the trouble of going through the entire phone directory. The GIGASET A510 IP is compatible with 6 Gigaset models which include: A510H, C300H, C610H, S79H, SL400H, and SL78H. The phone however is not easily available all over the world, and thus its usage is limited. Once the phone is unboxed, you would find the handset charger and adaptor along with the phone’s base, RJ11 Cable, RJ45 Ethernet cable, user guide with a CD and two batteries. 

  • Pros:
    Great number of useful and practical features; Crystal clear call quality; Easy to navigate and use; Compatible with up to 6 Gigasets
  • Cons:
    Not universally available; Is dependent on country/service provider
Our score:
5 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Gigaset A510 IP is manufactured by Gigaset and was added in December 2014 in the VoIP section
  • This product has a rating of 5.0 out of 5

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