Garmin GPSMAP 62s

Garmin GPSMAP 62s
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Garmin GPSMAP 62s Review

The Garmin GPSMAP 62S is one of the advanced handheld GPS models in Garmin’s popular GPSMAP 60 series. This handy navigator has a 3-axis tilt-compensated compass and a barometric altimeter. The ruggedly designed GPSMAP 62s is waterproof and sturdy enough to bring along most outdoor adventures. It was designed with durability and accuracy in mind. This handheld device gets great GPS reception. With HotFix satellite prediction, position is located quickly and precisely, even in deep canyons or in the middle of skyscraper dense cities. It is able to wirelessly connect to other compatible Garmin handhelds. It can use Custom Maps, a free software that allows you to download paper and electronic maps onto the device itself. After an adventure, you can store and analyze your outdoor activities. Connect it to your computer then go to Garmin Connect online and you’ll be able to see where you’ve been using Google Earth. The Garmin GPSMAP 62S Handheld GPS Navigator is full of the features and benefits that you really need, without the frivolous “bells and whistles”. The unit is rugged and durable; it can take abuse that would destroy other units. But despite its ruggedness, it is still incredibly light at about 1 pound. Also, the unit has a 2.6? screen that is sunlight-readable and has a high pixel resolution. The device is quite easy to use, but like any piece of technology, it needs to be given a bit of practice before being taken to the hills.The menu is quite easy to follow, and you can set the device to a number of different profiles which gives the GPS a different look and feel when using. Your location is marked by the Garmin trademark 'Blue Triangle' way pointer, and is extremely accurate. This is great as it is pointing wherever you point the device towards. The electronic compass is a real gem too. The electronic compass on the GPSMAP 62s uses the satellite positioning system so it is always accurate. A few users have complained about this unit squeaking, near the power button when it is on. It is also bulky for a handheld GPS and the screen is small. All in all, The Garmin GPSMAP 62S is just what bis needed for a GPS device, not too little, not too much, just right.
  • Pros:
    Waterproof Easy To Use Reliable Bulky
  • Cons:
    Squeaks Small Screen
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Garmin GPSMAP 62s is manufactured by Garmin and was added in December 2014 in the GPS section
  • This product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5

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