Garmin Forerunner 110

Garmin Forerunner 110
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Garmin Forerunner 110 Review

The Garmin Forerunner 110 is a new entry-level version of Garmin’s popular GPS fitness / sports watch. This long awaited watch records and displays vital training information in real time, making recording and mapping your runs as easy as hitting the start button. . It is a good, basic runner’s watch . It has a simplified menu and drops the touch-bezel interface of recent models, replacing them with four large buttons. It has a SiRFstar IV chipset and HotFix technology for fast satellite acquisition. It is available with or without a heart-rate monitor and comes in several colors; Men’s red, Women’s pink or Unisex. The watch is smaller and sleeker than Garmin's other sport watches, for many women in general, this new size would be a better, less cumbersome fit. This is a huge plus in this device's favor. It is only designed for running, so it's settings are simple. When running, it simply displays distance, overall time, and pace. And despite the fact that the watch face is smaller, it is still easy to read while running. Garmin Connect is compatible with this new watch, and when you upload your run history, it gives you all kinds of information, including a Google map of your run, an elevation map, as well as the basic break down of your distance, time, pace, calories, etc. This software is more user-friendly and really doesn't require much on the user's part. It also has Quick satellite lock-in. it only takes 30 seconds for it to locate and lock-in satellites. The device does have some cons. For the limited features, some users think it is over-priced . Another complaint about this watch is that when you finish a run, and save it, you can go back and immediately see your run's overview (distance, overall time, and average pace), but you cannot see each lap. You can see each lap once you upload the info to Garmin Connect. Garmin really missed the mark on this point, since even beginning runners may be doing intervals, tempo runs, or other speedwork in which they will want to immediately have access to the more detailed breakdown of their run. Also the Pace display. As you run, the pace displays your mile's average pace, not your current pace. The average pace, not the current pace. So, if you had been running a 9 min/mile, but then you speed up to a 7:30 mile, it won't tell you that you're running at a 7:30 pace; instead, it will average the two paces and that's what the pace calculator will display. Again, very bad for any kind of speedwork. Excellent watch, easy to use. Just remember that this isn't suppose to have all the bells and whistle the other running watches have. This is for just simple use; distance, pace, calories, heart rate, time. This will suffice most people, and it is definitely user friendly.
  • Pros:
    User Friendly Good Size Long Battery Life
  • Cons:
    Overpriced Limited Features
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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