Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze
Harvey Norman
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Fitbit Blaze Review

Key features

Fitbit Blaze offers PurePulse heart rate monitoring and its FitStar feature shows the details of your workout onscreen. Its connected GPS keeps track of your movements and this smartwatch also provides you analyses of your workout sessions. With a multi-faced display and long battery life, it also helps you with your smartphone notifications.


Fitbit Blaze is both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch, more so the former. It has an attractive look with a distinct design (that some might find weird) with its wide screen and sharp corners. It has a Fitbit Blaze GPS, which can monitor your heart rate, and delivers all the smartwatch essentials through its colour touchscreen.

How accurate is it ?

To understand how accurate the Blaze is, we did a few comparisons : Fitbit Blaze vs Apple watch, Fitbit Blaze vs Surge and Fitbit Blaze vs Charge HR. Here are some of the observations. The Blaze requires less attention than the other smartwatches, but in terms of sensitivity it does fall behind a couple of the other ones. The "raise your wrist to see the time" gesture was accurate somewhere and not so accurate elsewhere. A more responsive smartwatch would do better. Fitbit Blaze typically shows a higher step count compared to the other smartwatches and there is also a difference in data when you are on a treadmill. In fact, compared to the Apple Watch, the reading on the Blaze is much closer to the reading on the treadmill. There are always issues with wrist-based step tracking but the Blaze is absolutely accurate here. Sleep tracking is also rather accurate and even toilet breaks were uniformly registered. However, if you want to track REM, light and deep sleep, then you are better off with some other smartwatch, such as the Jawbone for instance.

How long does it take to charge it ?

When you know that Fitbit Blaze lasts for five days once charged, do you really care how long it takes to charge ? You put it on charge at night and by morning, it will be completely charged. If you use the smartwatch intensely, you will probably need to charge three times in a week. The only issue with charging this smartwatch is that you need to take the tracker out of its frame to charge it. So, whether you buy Fitbit Blaze bands or not, it does not make a difference because you need to take the tracker out.

How long does its battery last ?

Fitbit Blaze gives you accurate and smart notifications. It also has a bright enough OLED screen, and when you look at it closely, you just wonder if there is enough space for a battery. But the battery life of this smartwatch is impressive and lasts for exactly five days once you charge it fully.

Is it waterproof ?

If someone has been telling you about Fitbit Blaze waterproof, then you should know that this smartwatch is not waterproof. Consequently, while you may want to take you wherever you go, including the shower, you are better off keeping it away from water. Having said that, there is basic water resistance built into this smartwatch, but it is ultimately basic.

Conclusion: Should I buy it ?

If you are looking for a fitness tracker, Fitbit Blaze is an excellent option for you. But if you want to use it as a smartwatch too, then you may want to consider some of the other options.

  • Pros:
    Nice design large display battery life and accessories
  • Cons:
    Charging is a pain and lack of some notifications
Our score:
4 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Fitbit Blaze is manufactured by Fitbit and was added in February 2016 in the Smartwatch section
  • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
  • The best price of the Fitbit Blaze in Australia is $177.00 at Harvey Norman
  • In Australia this product is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
  • You can find this product at Expansys,, The Good Guys, Chain Reaction Cycles, Harvey Norman, Macys, Bloomingdales, Radio Rentals South Australia, Buy Mobile, Pcbyte

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