Cisco SPA112

Cisco SPA112
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    Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter (VoIP) [SPA112

  • $54.67

    Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter (VoIP) [SPA112

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    Cisco [Spa112] 2 Port Phone Adapter. (SPA112)

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    CISCO [SPA112] 2 Port Phone Adapter. (SPA112)

  • $55.95

    CISCO [SPA112] 2 Port Phone Adapter.

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  • $55.95

    Cisco [Spa112] 2 Port Phone Adapter. (Spa112)

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    Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter (VoIP) [SPA112

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    2 Port Phone Adapter.

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    CISCO SPA112 - 2 Port Phone Adapter. (SPA112)

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    Cisco SPA112 SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter (Avail: In Stock )

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    Cisco SPA112 2 Port Phone Adapter 2X RJ11 FXS, 1X LAN 10/100 (SPA112)

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    Cisco SPA112 2 Port Phone Adapter (VoIP)

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    Cisco SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapter (VoIP)

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    Cisco SPA112 2 Port VoIP Phone Adapter (SPA112)

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    Cisco SPA112 2 Port Phone Adapter (Cisco)

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    Cisco SPA112

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    Cisco SPA112 (ATA)

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    Cisco SPA112 2Port Phone Adap (NHC-SPA112)

Cisco SPA112 Review

Cisco brings along the SPA112 (SPA1XX) product series as successor to the PAP2 and PAP2T adapter line, which enjoy high levels of popularity. The telephone adapters are highly reliable and function with CallCentric service once placed behind broadband internet router. It is now possible to use the phone over internet without necessarily compromising quality of voice or fax and phone features. The 2-Port SPA112 Adapter delivers high-quality voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gains, without making it needful upgrading analog phones existing.


They are easy to both install and use, working over IP network in order to attain connection of fax machines and analog phones to the provider of VoIP services. The SPA112 from Cisco exhibits compact design, being compatible as well with international data and voice standards. It may be used along with home-office, residential as well as small business VoIP service offerings. These include full-featured open source or hosted IP PBX surroundings. The 2-Port adapter utilizes advanced quality-of-service (QoS) voice capabilities and the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) stack. It supports faxing with use of voice and data simultaneously.


You also find included two telephone ports of standard design, each having independent phone numbers, which is something useful with analog, phone or fax devices. As well, the Cisco Adapter enjoys compatibility with all data and voice standards of the industry, plus telephone features that are common, like caller ID, voicemail and call waiting. The SPA112 can be used effectively in a number of situations. Just make sure you have network NAT-Router already and just wish to configure your own BYOD VoIP ATA in order to get DIY VoIP service.


Cisco SPA122 includes a number of features which are not present in SPA112. These are: built-in NAT-Router, built-in DHCP Server having address reservation capability of DHCP IP, additional Ethernet port, useful for connecting to LAN or PC Switch. The SPA122 as well includes Port Forwarding application for gadgets behind its Firewall (once enabled as NAT-Router). In addition, it features QOS function for upstream flow control, offering upstream priority via Internet port to VoIP calls. The other functions are DMZ and Bridge Mode options.


Cisco SPA112 and SPA122 have a number of similarities in the way they achieve functioning. They both feature Two Port Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), with each port being configurable independently and having different SIP VoIP service or account. Users also get two separate services or lines for VoIP purposes within one box. One telephone is connected for each line or VoIP account enabled. You as well have ability of configuring it to utilize one line as telephone, with the other one performing FAX operations. Both of these ATAs in general make use of the same versions of firmware. As such, all functionality is the same essentially, apart from unique features which are enabled in SPA122, which is lacking in the SPA112. It implies that users get the same functionality by using either of these ATAs, if seeking especially for a 2-port BYOD DIY VoIP ATA. 

  • Pros:
    Efficient; Easily set up; User-friendly
  • Cons:
    Lacks upstream flow control QOS functionality; No extra Ethernet Port Lacks Bridge Mode function
Our score:
4 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Cisco SPA112 is manufactured by CISCO and was added in December 2014 in the VoIP section
  • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
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  • In Australia this product is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
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